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Scope of application and application is introduced of circular strong magnet

by:Newland     2020-04-13
Circular powerful magnet is typically used in where? Ricky xiaofu magnets supplier card today to introduce. It is well known that the magnet polarity has two, this has nothing to do with the shape of the magnet, whatever the shape of the magnet is only at the poles. And the reason that this post will be made into the shape of a lot of, is associated with magnet practical use, in different mechanical, magnets of different shapes are needed to play a different role. So, what is the applicable scope of the circular magnet? Circular magnet according to the different magnetic effect, the size of the different applied in many fields, small. In our life there are many places to see the tiny, circular magnet is magnetic, magnetic and magnetic tools, stationery bags was little high-grade pencil case with such a small magnet can be used to switch, now a lot of women's packet switch is still so small a circular piece of magnet; Another is that we in the way of remote a toy - — On small circular magnet magnetic chess, carved different pieces, then use a iron board, guangdong is a very convenient entertainment equipment, it is a luxury in the current year. When there is a magnetic cup, this is according to the appropriate magnetic is beneficial to the health of human body, this cup is a suitable to the size of the circle at the bottom of the magnet, can be certain of the impurities of heavy metals in the water adsorption, beneficial to the health of human body, until now is also very popular health equipment. Bigger round magnets, have been used for the salvage, mechanical equipment, etc. That is a bit introduction about circular strong magnets, about its application has many, many, including toys, smart home, magnetic products, etc. , do you know what? Associated with this article article xiaofu recommended; Various shapes and the use of magnet ( Figure)
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