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sandra bullock\'s stalker ordered to stay away from her

by:Newland     2019-11-04
On 2014, a man broke into Sandra Block\'s home and forced an Oscar-
The winning actress, hiding in her closet while calling the police, was sentenced to continued mental health treatment and probation after not questioning felony tracking and burglary charges.
Joshua James Colbert pleaded guilty on Wednesday and was ordered to stay away from the actress and not try to contact her for 10 years.
On June 2014, he was arrested in the residence of block, and the authorities subsequently found a batch of illegal weapons in his home, but all weapons charges were dropped.
Local prosecutor spokesman Greg Risling said Corbett entered into a dispute-free plea without reaching a sentencing agreement with the prosecutor.
Block never showed up in person in the case, but she was crazy
The 911-minute call was a key piece of evidence that led to a judge ordering Corbett to be tried on 2015.
The 41-year-old Corbett received a mental health assessment during his detention and his lawyer wanted to resolve the case through an agreement to ensure that he continued to receive mental health treatment.
According to court testimony, he lurked for a few days outside the gate of brocklehouse and then jumped over the fence on June 8, 2014.
He rang the bell of block for a few minutes and then entered her home through the door of the solarium.
As the actress walked past the door of her bedroom, he caught a glimpse of him and asked her to lock herself in the closet and call the police.
Corbett did not carry weapons, but he had 25 pages of articles describing his obsession with the actress and describing him when the police arrested him at the home of the \"Gravity\" star
Corbett\'s lawyers questioned the basis for police to search his home and find an arsenal that led to many felony gun charges.
Corbett is accused of owning a machine.
Guns, two charges of possession of offensive weapons and 10 charges of possession of destructive devices.
These destructive devices are described as tracking ammunition.
If convicted, he will face up to 12 years in prison.
On February, an appeals court in California ruled that Los Angeles police detectives violated Corbett\'s rights after obtaining authorization to search Corbett\'s guns.
At a hearing last year, Corbett described how he felt about rest --
In Block\'s house, he said he gave the police the code for the gun safe because he felt guilty about breaking into Block\'s home.
\"I \'ve hurt someone I\'m not going to hurt,\" Corbett testified at the hearing . \".
\"I don\'t want to influence my family with my actions.
\"Corbett\'s lawyer said that when he agreed to the police to search his home for several legally purchased weapons, he was experiencing the withdrawal of the opium.
A judge rejected their attempt to overturn his consent to the search and found illegal weapons and ammunition.
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