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sanctions averted, china says it upholds nuclear treaty

by:Newland     2019-11-23
Posted online at 4: 30 on May 11, 1996m. EDT (2030 GMT)BEIJING, China (CNN)--
A day after the United States abandoned the threat of sanctions against China\'s exports of nuclear weapons
China has assured the United States that it is observing Pakistan\'s nuclear weapons.
The proliferation treaty.
A spokesman for the Chinese foreign ministry said: \"China adheres to the policy of not supporting, encouraging and not participating in the proliferation of nuclear weapons and not assisting other countries in the development of nuclear weapons . \" Xinhua News Agency reported.
The spokesman said: \"China\'s nuclear cooperation with relevant countries is for peaceful purposes.
\"China will not provide assistance to unsafe nuclear facilities.
\"Earlier, Washington decided on Friday not to impose sanctions on Beijing because it allegedly sold Pakistan a $70,000 ring magnet that could be used to enrich uranium.
The finding raised concerns that China might help Islamabad build a nuclear bomb. The U. S.
The US State Department says the Chinese government guarantees that China does not know that the technology was sold by a Chinese company.
\"Based on a careful review of the evidence available in this case, and China\'s clarification and assurance of past transfers and China\'s nuclear export control policy, the secretary of state concluded that, there is no sufficient basis for determining whether there has been a sanctioned activity, \"said State Department spokesman burns.
After the White House threatened to impose sanctions on China, China noted that there was no ring magnet on the ban list and said the central government was not aware of the deal with Pakistan.
China has also announced that it will not export nuclear materials to unmonitored nuclear facilities.
While the current conflict has been resolved, tensions between the United States and China continue as China imposes other sanctions on China.
Next week, Washington will decide whether to punish China suspected of allowing pirated CDs, movies and computer software to continue production.
Washington says illegal sales have cost the U. S. economy dearly. S.
The company estimated $2.
One year 3 billion
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