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Samarium cobalt permanent magnet manufacturing process of smelting

by:Newland     2020-04-13
Samarium cobalt permanent magnet melting process existing techniques include: traditional casting method, quick-setting method and rapid quenching method. Now, samarium cobalt permanent magnet is used more in the preparation of traditional casting method, the main steps are: the required Sm, Co, Cu, Fe, Zr, such as metal elements in a certain mixing ratio, to join in the crucible of vacuum induction melting furnace, vacuum to 5 x 10 - 2 pa or below, a certain amount of argon gas is piped in, will gradually from 20 kw power up to 55 kw, under the protection of argon smelting, uniform intermetallic compound is obtained by refining again, finally cast into the water cooling mold, rapid condensation and ingot casting. Note: due to the melting point of metal elements in the process of smelting differences, because the cooling speed is too slow in the cooling process prone to composition segregation, produce tendrils crystal. Guess you attention related samarium cobalt permanent magnet articles; Samarium cobalt magnet steel production process and its brand performance table samarium cobalt magnet demagnetization curve under the different temperature difference between ndfeb and samarium cobalt is introduced in detail
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