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Samarium cobalt magnet steel production process and its brand performance table

by:Newland     2020-03-22
Samarium cobalt magnet is also called high temperature magnets with high magnetic energy, the use of low temperature coefficient, high temperature ( Up to 350. C) And strong corrosion resistance. Mainly applied to electron beam device, high-grade motor, high-grade sensor. My company can be processed into various shapes according to different customer requirements, to meet your different requirements. What is the samarium cobalt magnet production process? Samarium cobalt magnet is generally by raw materials Ingredients - Smelting - Flour - Molding - Sintering and aging - Test - Finishing - Finished goods inspection - Ensure that - The shipment - After-sales service. How much is the density of samarium cobalt magnet? It is understood that the density of samarium cobalt magnet steel is 8. 4g/cm³ 。 What is the number of samarium cobalt magnet? With samarium cobalt magnet magnetic get indicator shows that: in addition to the above performance can also be in accordance with the requirements of the guests production performance, and low temperature coefficient and the highest working temperature can reach 550 degrees of samarium cobalt magnet. Articles by Ricky xiaofu magnet card manufacturer to share, such as help you welcome collection to share! Small make up recommend related samarium cobalt magnet steel articles; Samarium cobalt magnet demagnetization curve under the different temperature difference between ndfeb and samarium cobalt is introduced
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