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Samarium cobalt magnet application of permanent magnet _ ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers

by:Newland     2020-04-03
The application of samarium cobalt magnet permanent magnetic material 1. Used in motors, permanent magnet motor, general of the permanent magnet motor using permanent magnetic ferrite or ndfeb permanent magnets. At the temperature over 200 ℃ or locked-rotor torque is very big, can only do samarium cobalt permanent magnet motor. 2. Electroacoustic devices in the high-end stereo system. 3. Highly reliable instrument system, in the aerospace, aviation, medical and other fields used in many instrument, samarium cobalt permanent magnet, must be used to ensure high reliability, foolproof. 4. In radar and communication system is very important to use a lot of traveling wave tube, magnetron, chasing the tube, wave tube, tube in vacuum electronic devices (such as, samarium cobalt permanent magnet in these devices make the electron beam movement along the path rules, these magnets to have Hk> 14 koe is appropriate, and magnetic consistency and each magnet steel center hole table magnetic only several gauss error. 5. In radar and communication system is very important to use a lot of isolator. Microwave ferrite devices such as filters, move machine, samarium cobalt permanent magnets used in these devices electromagnetic wave motion along the path specified. 6. Used in the 3000 meters deep samarium cobalt strong magnetic extractor, using in the high temperature of 200 ℃ environment samarium cobalt magnetic actuator ( Pump) 。 7. Magnetic suction head, magnetic separator, magnetic bearing. 8. Magnetic resonance imaging, permanent magnet stick apply the magnetized water.
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