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Samarium cobalt magnet and the comparison of ndfeb magnet

by:Newland     2020-05-05
Samarium cobalt magnet ( 2:17) With the comparison of ndfeb magnet: ( 1) Ingredients: ndfeb magnets, rare earth metal neodymium - 29% 32. Iron 63 5% metal elements. 95 - 68. Non-metallic element boron 1 65%. 1 - 1. A small amount of dysprosium adding 0 2%. 6 - 1. Niobium 0 2%. 3 - 0. Aluminum 0 5%. 3 - 0. 0 5% copper. 05 - 0. The elements such as 15%. Samarium cobalt magnet ': rare earth metal samarium Sm: 23 - 28% of rare earth metal cobalt Co: 48 - 52% iron metal element Fe: 14 - Copper metal elements Cu 17% : 5 - 2-7% zirconium is added a small amount of Zr: 3 ( 2) Different relative performance, the overall performance of the samarium cobalt magnet than ndfeb weaker! ( 3) Prices of different sizes of the same performance and samarium cobalt magnet ndfeb magnets, ndfeb were lower than the price of samarium cobalt! Of course both the proportion of metal elements can be seen from above! Ndfeb iron content is higher, the rare earth element content is less, and the price of iron is very cheap, so the summary of prices cheaper, samarium cobalt magnet samarium cobalt and rare earth elements content in the accounts for about 70%, so the price a little high! ( 4) High temperature resistance, oxidation resistance, corrosion resistant ability of different ndfeb iron content is very high, so easy to oxidation corrosion, so to do plating processing, largely depends on the service life of coating effect! And samarium cobalt magnet iron content accounts for only a small part, basically all is not easy to be oxidized corrosion of rare earth and metal elements, in general, do not need to make plating processing; However, using or in order to prolong the service life of the environment is poor, beautify the appearance, do electroplating processing will be better! Shenzhen city star create magnetic industry co. , LTD. , focusing on magnetic materials & amp; Permanent magnetic component manufacturing and solutions. We adhering to the 'people-oriented, resource optimization, value sharing, sustainable management' business philosophy. Supply all kinds of permanent magnet and magnetic components. Through effective quality assurance core tools ( TS / 16949: APQP, PPAP, FMEA, MASA& SPC) Internal logistics department will provide more economical, fast freight services. Along with the trend of the development of the market. Due to its unique advantages such as saving space, work stability, energy saving, the application of permanent magnet is more and more widely. We are looking forward to be your need, trust long-term partner!
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