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s.a. sees fewer foreign migrants

by:Newland     2019-11-19
Her husband is an American citizen and is her sponsor. The Mexican school principal moved to San Antonio last year.
In doing so, Tampico locals became members of a rather unique club: international immigrants who recently came to the city.
According to estimates released last month, from April 1-20, 2010 to July 1, only 8,021 new residents from foreign countries were added to the San Antonio region.
This figure is more than 50% lower than the same period a decade ago, when the population of the subway area was less than 3-
The current size of the quarter.
Its relative share of growth in the region is dwarfed by domestic migration and natural growth.
The influx is smaller than any subway in Texas that has at least a million residents.
Given the strong overall growth rate of 4 in the region, the decline in the number of migrants was particularly evident. 3 percent —
95,000 new residentsin that period.
San Antonio recently lacks new
There are many American residents.
Some are new, some are historical.
Some are based on economic trends and some are based on cultural norms.
Part of the reason can be found in the unique demographic profile of San Antonio.
\"This is a long-standing Mexican-American, thanks in large part to the migration that took place before 1960,\" said Professor and Chairman of . \".
In some cases, long ago.
Local historian, founder of the University of Texas.
Com, dating back to his family\'s presence in San Antonio in the 19 th century.
One of his relatives fought on the side of the Texas Revolutionary during 1835 Bexar battles, and later received land grants from the governor. Sam Houston.
\"Tejanos is part of the southwestern United States.
We are the founders of the southwestern United States, \"said Rod rigz, whose website aims to educate people about the role of Tejanos --
Descendants of Spanish settlers
Played in Texas.
In some places, the statement by Rod Ritz is more true than that of San Antonio.
San Antonio metro area today
Including Bexar, Atascosa, Bandera, Comal, Guadalupe, Kendall, Medina and Wilson County-
There is a higher proportion of localBorn Hispanic
Nearly 84%-
More than any other subway in the state with at least 1 million residents.
Because many of San Antonio\'s Hispanic population was born in the United States. S.
Experts say the community\'s connection to Mexico is common in other big cities in Texas, but it is less and less here.
\"Many Latinos living in San Antonio no longer have friends and family who live in Mexico,\" Spener said . \" He teaches at universities in Mexico and Chile.
At the same time, Hispanic is the largest ethnic group in the region, accounting for about 54% of the population.
Far more than the same size Texas metropolis.
This combination will have a profound impact on transnational migration.
Executive Director of RAICES in San Antonio
Non-profit organizations that provide legal services to immigrant and refugee families say there have been many other Texas cities recently
An immigrant community has been established to attract new immigrants.
\"Take the Burmese.
They are going to Dallas.
\"Houston really seems to have attracted a lot of Central Americans and South Asians,\" Ryan said . \".
Nearly 18% of Dallas metro area residents are foreignersborn.
In the Houston area, the number is 22%.
Less than 12% of the San Antonio Metro Area 2.
2 million residents were born outside the United States. S.
\"Immigration is a model driven by social networks,\" Spener said . \".
\"Immigrants are attracted to places where they already have friends and family.
That\'s why Gonzalez came to San Antonio.
\"I\'m here for love,\" she said through an interpreter from the immigration lawyer\'s office.
\"This is my only motivation.
Gonzalez, the principal and former teacher of a kindergarten in Tampa, Mexico, knows the man who will become her middle school husband.
Her husband came to the United States 15 years ago.
Six years ago, they re-connected through common friends and got married in 2010.
In this relationship, Gonzalez often visits her husband in San Antonio on a tourist visa.
But their cross
Border Romance is not without difficulty.
On November 2010, the agent detained her near Renesas, suspected the San Antonio area code on her mobile phone, and had records showing that she often traveled between the hot spots of the Mexican drug war, tempiko, and San Antonio.
The incident prompted Gonzalez\'s husband to sponsor her for a green card she recently received.
After the extended holiday at the work of principal tampiko, she currently lives with her husband in the north of San Antonio to learn English.
While having fun with her husband, she said she often misses her job and friends in Mexico.
\"Like other Mexicans (immigrant)
\"I almost have to deal with it,\" she said of her homesickness . \".
If demographics can explain why San Antonio has historically been a landing site for weaker foreign immigrants, the economic situation may exacerbate this trend.
While international immigration to San Antonio fell by more than half in the early part of the decade, domestic immigration grew by nearly 90%.
Part of the reason may be that while regional economies are still struggling in most parts of the United States and Mexico --
A major source of American immigration. S. —
The economy is getting better.
\"The economy of many traditional immigrants --
\"Mexico\'s sending areas are accelerating,\" said Lloyd Porter, a Texas census statistician . \".
Based on this logic, chief economist San Antonio points out that crossing borders is much easier than crossing them.
\"The opportunity to move from Detroit to San Antonio is less costly than to move from another country to San Antonio or Texas,\" Nivin said . \".
\"If opportunities may not exist, why make such a big shift,\" suggested a senior economist at San Antonio, whose economy is not particularly attractive to foreign jobs --seekers.
\"There are some industries in San Antonio that are not employed (foreign)
Orrenius, who studies Mexico, said. U. S.
The economy of immigration and border areas.
She pointed out that the huge military and public sector in San Antonio is not a traditional industry that attracts foreign jobs --seekers.
Orrenius explained that even the region\'s booming oil industry is not an industry that tends to \"withdraw directly from international reserves.
At the same time, some immigrants --
In the recent recession, friendly industries such as House buildings in San Antonio were particularly hit.
Orrenius noted that the methodology used by the Census Bureau may also underestimate the size of international migration.
Because the Census Bureau classifies immigrants according to their place of residence a year ago, foreigners who migrate to other parts of the United States and stay for more than a year before moving to San Antonio will be considered as domestic immigrants.
Not international. migrants.
May not choose to open her first store in the US at a worse time.
2007, as the national economy is about to enter recession, when Tello, co-
The owner and her husband at 48 Mexican chains opened Beading2Go at the Bandra Heights mall.
In addition to selling beads-
These stores provide customers with free jewelry-based jewelry courses for those who want to start a business and sell them raw materials.
\"The first part of 2008 is very difficult,\" Tello said . \".
\"I don\'t know how bad it will be.
But the business is successful. Now there are two more San Antonio-area stores.
It\'s impossible for Tello to move his family to San Antonio. brainer.
\"When you\'re not in that country, it\'s hard to hire someone who can make the right decision for the business,\" says Tello, who knows that business owners with Mexican counterparts will delegate their responsibility in the US to themS.
Sorry for the actions of others and for the decision.
So her family made San Antonio their home.
Trow said that despite the sluggish economic recovery, San Antonio-
Hispanic population
For Mexican business owners who want to expand the US market, this is an ideal entry point.
\"You can refine your products and company in San Antonio and then enter the United States,\" Tello said . \" He plans to open stores in Austin, Houston and Dallas.
Gonzalez, head of Tampico, has 20 years of experience and he only needs to retire for another 5 years to get a pension, so she intends to go back to Tampico and end her career, eventually settled permanently with her husband in San Antonio and taught at a local school.
\"I\'m one of those people who says \'I will never go to America to live,\'\" Gonzalez said with a smile, looking at me now . \".
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