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Rubber magnetic with points of the opposite sex ( The difference between)

by:Newland     2020-04-12
The so-called rubber magnet or plastic magnet, is 'bonded permanent magnetic material in magnetic materials. Is in rubber or plastic material to add just the right amount of permanent magnetic material particles ( With needle-like particle is the best. Like a tiny compass) , permanent magnetic material particles and rubber or plastic fully mixing, dispersed evenly, then press the making craft of rubber or plastic processed into the required size and shape, is that people long said rubber magnet or plastic magnet, such as the refrigerator door gasket is one of the most common rubber magnet. Rubber magnet has the branch of homosexual and heterosexual, both heterosexual magnetic relatively better, on this basis and can be divided into single-sided and double-sided magnetic, and can choose of gum and gum. Is isotropic in suppressing, molding rubber magnet or plastic magnet, without additional magnetic field. Thus, in the direction of the micro permanent magnetic particles is random, have in all directions, the isotropic magnetic can lower, single production cost is low. Anisotropy is the pressing, molding rubber magnet or plastic magnets, need to add a magnetic field. In this way, the inside of the small permanent magnet is arranged in one direction in the direction of the particles, and the stronger the magnetic field, arranging the consistency of the higher, the higher its magnetic can also. Of course, the cost will be high. So that we can satisfy different use object! Into rubber magnet powder and various additives such as mixer, calendering vulcanizing, withdraw from sulfide process to produce magnetic rubber sheet, Rubber soft magnetic) 。 Can make single-sided and double-sided coated magnetic, its main physical properties is characterized by specific gravity, hardness is high, high smoothness and brightness is good, have good wear resistance and high pressure resistance, its length can be carried out in accordance with the actual needs to cutting or volume. Due to the higher plasticity of rubber magnetic materials, finished products or semi-finished products can be knife cut, punched and casual mounted on other materials, and is not easy to demagnetization, also has a good anticorrosive property. Compared with the opposite sex between rubber magnetic magnetic, heterosexual rubber magnetic magnetic function is higher. Gay rubber magnetic rubber magnetic density than the opposite sex and low temperature. Gay magnetic rubber is mainly used in fridge magnet, printing products, stationery, and promotional items. Heterosexual magnetic rubber is mainly used in micro motor, computer, laser printer, copier, magnetic toys, etc. That is about to introduce today rubber magnetic points of both sexes, thank you for reading.
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