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Rubber magnetic why so cheap

by:Newland     2020-10-17
Magnetic rubber is made from rubber raw material and ferrite magnetic powder composite materials, finished products made by rolling or extrusion. Due to their high plasticity material, semi-finished or finished products are casual knife cutting, punching, slitting and then mounted on other materials, and not easy to demagnetization, good anticorrosive, because of its simple raw material source, so the price is low.

mainly divided into two major categories of straight rubber magnetic and gay, rubber magnetic. Gay rubber magnetic magnetic relatively weak, mainly used in office life, fridge magnet, printing products, and promotional items. And heterosexual magnetic rubber with high magnetic can, therefore, a large number of applications in the field of micro motor and magnetic toys, etc. Due to the high plasticity material, finished goods or semi-finished products are casual knife, punching, slitting and mounted on other materials. Is not easy to demagnetization, good corrosion, low price, rich source. Rubber magnetic main use: can be directly on the inkjet printer to print, colorful, lifelike, mainly is suitable for personal photo, printing, scenery, etc. Flexibility is strong, flexible, folding, and does not harm the magnetic, smooth and beautiful, strong magnetic, easy to machining, materials, high safety, environmental protection.

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