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( Rubber magnetic powder] Magnetic rubber production of 'hero'

by:Newland     2020-05-15
Because of the magnetic rubber itself without magnetic, magnetic from a large number of ( 2 living glue quality & ndash; 8 times) Rubber magnetic powder filling, so, it is indispensable to make magnetic rubber raw materials. According to the composition, magnetic additives can be divided into metal magnetic powder and iron, cobalt, iron, nickel powder and barium iron powder, rubber powder, etc. , of which iron cobalt powder used most widely. Metal magnetic powder for add is expensive and difficult so rarely used. Is currently used more iron oxide powder, he is iron oxide with some bivalent metal compounds, even as a ferrite magnetic powder, crystal morphology, particle size and uniformity for different lead to the final magnetic intensity. Rubber magnetic powder because of its effective control cost that we have considerable price advantages, so widely used.
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