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royal wedding guests sell gift bags online

by:Newland     2019-11-14
Some gift bags at the wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have been sold online.
There have been several auctions on EBay, one of which was even more than £ 1,000. googletag. {});
On May 19, in the courtyard of Windsor Castle, these gift bags were given to some public who were invited to share on the couple\'s big day, but not 600 Church guests.
A seller with a list of up to £ 1,020 wrote that they received \"this exquisite gift bag for guests\" and added: \"I forgot to mention that all the money raised would go to charity.
After the wedding, Prince Harry and Megan
Andrew Milligan/PA)
Valuables include a service order, big chocolate Harry and Megan coins, fridge magnets for weddings, map of the castle and where to go, a bottle of water, special guest badges, they say, discount cards, Harry and Meghan wedding shortbread, and finally the Hesen bag.
So far, another seller has a £ 458 tender, which he describes as \"historical and royal wedding memorabilia presented to celebrate a very special day \". googletag. {});
They say they are selling their \"gift bags\" for \"gold ticket\" guests invited to the royal wedding \".
The Standard Chartered trade Standards Association says such transactions are private sales between consumers, so such transactions are not covered by trading standards. -
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