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Rounding magnetic materials can be used for which products

by:Newland     2020-04-28
Magnetic data first includes letter of permanent magnetic materials, magnetic materials, magnetic materials, magnetic materials, etc. , and cover a lot of new and high skill category. In rare earth permanent magnet materials, permanent magnet ferrite, amorphous soft magnetic materials, soft magnetic ferrite, microwave ferrite devices skills, magnetic materials dedicated equipment category, such as the world has a huge industrial clusters. Meanwhile, permanent magnetic material's annual mall sales alone now exceeds $10 billion, magnetic materials can be used for which products? Professional in communication, global demand for billions of mobile phones are many ferrite soft magnetic ferrite microwave equipment, equipment and permanent magnetic components. Global tens of millions of PBX also needs many high-skilled core components, etc. In addition, cordless telephone device abroad has accounted for more than half of total fixed telephone number. This kind of phone needs a lot of soft magnetic ferrite components. And, videophone is rapidly throughout. IT also needs a lot of magnetic components, in the IT profession, hard drives, CD - ROM drive, DVD - ROM drives, monitors, printers, multimedia audio, laptops and other requirements also apply many elements such as ndfeb, ferrite soft magnetic, permanent magnetic materials. In the car profession, global output of about 55 million cars. Per car using ferrite permanent magnet motor only 41 accounting, sedan professional motor about 22 year demand. 5. 5 billion only. In addition, the global demand for car speakers also hundreds of millions. Therefore, car profession demand every year spend a lot of magnetic materials.
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