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romantic robbery: bank employee embezzles $5.4 million for lover & his brothers

by:Newland     2019-10-03
The man, who was suspected of fraud, served as account director and account service manager at Abu Dhabi Bank, who embezzled cash in June 2017.
She secretly carried out dh20wan with her colleague\'s Pass (US$5. 4 million)transaction.
It wasn\'t until earlier this month that the Abu Dhabi Criminal Court heard that the money was for a man she thought was her lover and his two brothers.
According to police investigators quoted by Al Bayan newspaper, the woman repaid all the debts belonging to the three men and bought them luxury cars and business class tickets to Europe.
She also gave them extravagant gifts and expensive watches.
The woman\'s once-working bank managed to freeze her assets and sold all the cars and goods purchased in stolen cash.
Dh15 million can also be restored ($4 million)of the money.
The brothers of the woman\'s lover gave the money they received to the authorities.
The accused is now awaiting a court hearing that has been postponed to another date.
This is not the first time a bank employee has used their position to earn extra money.
On Friday, a former employee of the Bank of New York Mellon Corp branch was sentenced to three years in prison for allegedly embezzling $7. 1 million.
He reportedly used the cash to pay off his gambling debts and bought an outdoor pool, limo and gun safe.
Last year, another bank employee in Tennessee admitted that it had embezzled $800,000 over the past decade.
Her elaborate scams include making fake withdrawal tickets that make it look like customers are taking money from their accounts.
She then prepared false monthly statements without mentioning her unauthorized withdrawal.
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