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Role in a wide range of circular sink Kong Qiang magnet is introduced

by:Newland     2020-04-12
Circular sink hole magnets custom, rich strong magnet manufacturers recommend card, can be customized any size and performance, and look forward to new and old customers inquiry. Mention the magnet, and you feel very familiar with, but is also have a sense of avoiding Mrs, because the magnet is our childhood often see also frequently used, are often used to play, but after many years in the past, isn't it already feel they are far away from us, talk about the magnet for today is, role in a wide range of circular magnet sink hole is introduced about the magnet if you feel really strange, so I now to name a few, see if you feel very familiar with? Home and children's toys, especially those robots, some large screw, looked at though it should be easy to feel can be plucked, discovered, but the real practice the following especially hard to get, feel like there's something in the absorption, the magnet is round sink hole of a special kind of types: screw holes magnet. After practice feel the magnet is very safe, dual protection, will make you more at ease, and the price of this circular sink hole magnet and very cheap, we compared to the tile shape magnet, tile shape of the magnet is the price of one yuan a piece, but the round sink hole magnet price is less than that so much, just a few cents, if the price is very cheap, there's another advantage of the magnet is in addition to the normal use, also can be used as ordinary magnet, caused a lot of convenience to our life. Warm prompt: the magnet is fragile, is not iron magnetic, not shattered is iron, not a magnet. In this paper, starting in November 2016, changes in November 2019, modify reason: add pictures, add links to related articles. Relevant article recommended sink hole magnet: heavy hole ndfeb production and processing process to introduce all kinds of hole countersunk magnets are all here together, welcome inquiry to buy cable or square sink Kong Qiang magnets need to consider what factors? A strong magnet is how to punch?
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