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Ring magnet production cycle and time consuming

by:Newland     2020-04-13
Many customers before order circular magnet would ask a question that is, what do you do the big goods delivery need a few days? Below small make up to introduce the circular magnet production cycle and time-consuming process. How long does it take to produce ring neodymium magnets? First is the preparation, procurement of raw materials, inspection is unqualified, need at least 1 day time. The second is punched. Will the blank with a punch hole inspection. Metal punching progress is slow, need 2 days time. If the countersunk hole is also a process with much more, is the first straight hole again dozen sink holes. The third is the slice. After punching blank into the microtome section. 10000 piece of magnet in the case of not the cargo need to five days. The fourth is the chamfer. Chopped black piece into the chamfering machine chamfer ( Not Angle can't electroplating, or plating surface is easy to fall off) 。 Fifth, electroplating, need 1 day time. Ready to electroplating factory outside the plating, electroplating need 2 days time. Sixth, the magnetization and packaging. About 1 days. Also is 10 - normal wafer magnet is needed 12 days, wafer need 12 - punching 15 days, a square because to 3 cutter to forming, are 10 - 12 days. Believe you after you have read the circular magnet production cycles have a certain understanding, if you are purchasing friends, hope don't rush on delivery date is too tight, nasty mess. Give a both sides can accept the delivery date. Articles by Ricky xiaofu share, powerful magnets manufacturers card company can produce all kinds of different performance, different specifications size ring magnets, ring shaped magnets, ring magnet sink hole, etc. Release date for the first time was in May 2016, this paper modified time for in November 2019, the change reason: add images described and related articles. This site more ring magnet; Circular magnetic induction line drawing of the magnet is the reference circle ring magnet magnetic force is the same everywhere on the big?
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