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by:Newland     2019-09-26
It is said to be the first important commercial product in the world to use high-temperature magnets, and will be heavily invested by two New Zealand companies and their US partners next month.
It is an induction magnet that is used to upgrade the performance of the mass spectrometer of the Lower Hutt Institute of Geology and nuclear science near Wellington.
Installed by Auckland company Alphatech International, Themagnet has designed magnets for accelerating and guiding charged particle beams.
It includes superconductive wires manufactured by Superconductor Corporation of the United States under the license of the Royal Institute of New Zealand Industrial Research Co. , Ltd.
\"There are a lot of small --
Jeff Taron, head of the industrial research superconductive electrical research team, said: \"Use high temperature conductors to scale the prototype, but this is the first product to be designed and delivered to the customer\'s specifications.
Super conductor is the material that loses all the conductive resistance at a certain temperature.
Before 1986, the temperature must drop to absolute zero. −273°C)
This requires rare and expensive liquid helium.
Some ceramic compounds containing heavy metals and rare earth atoms were then found to become insulators at temperatures up to-6 °c, about the temperature of liquid nitrogen, which is more readily available.
Industrial research has the most widely used patents in these high-temperature conductors, and is the only patent that can make high-temperature conductors.
Taron said the company plans to develop another induction magnet for mineral processing applications and a range of power industry technologies.
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