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Remanufacturing technology and mechanism of sintered ndfeb waste research _ ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers

by:Newland     2020-04-02
Sintered ndfeb waste remanufacturing technology and mechanism of rare earth is an important strategic resource, widely used in national defense and civilian high-tech fields. In recent years, the rapid development of our country economy and sustained global supply consumes a large amount of rare earth, causing a sharp drop in rare earth ore reserves. Therefore, renewable resources recycling of rare earth is imminent. In this paper, the typical rare earth renewable resources & ndash; — Sintered ndfeb waste as the research object, to carry out the efficient extraction of rare earth and its associated resource in waste reuse research and comprehensive. For sintered ndfeb massive wastes, first studied the thermodynamic conditions and kinetic process of waste hydrogen absorption process; Based on this, developed the magnetic excellent regeneration of bonded ndfeb magnets, mass pilot plant for the regeneration of sintered ndfeb magnet, achieved good effect, and examines the temperature stability of sintered magnets, chemical stability and mechanical properties; For sintered ndfeb waste sludge, explored based on coprecipitation technology and new technology of recycling of calcium reduction reaction sintering technology, the preparation of the performance of the available renewable sintered ndfeb magnets. Research of rare earth renewable resources recycling provides a useful exploration. System to study the hydrogen absorption process of sintered ndfeb massive waste thermodynamic conditions and kinetic process, and USES the ndfeb speed NingZhu made contrast research. Examines the hydrogen pressure, temperature, and the size of the magnets on the hydrogen absorbing blasting process and the magnet effect. First of all, the hydrogen uptake of sintered ndfeb waste magnet with increase with the increase of the initial hydrogen pressure, and decreased with the increase of temperature and waste magnets, sintered ndfeb waste NingZhu piece of magnet hydrogen uptake than speed. Second, the process of sintered ndfeb massive waste hydrogen absorption by the magnet surface activation, rich phase slow hydrogen absorption, main phase Nd2Fe14B neodymium fast slow absorption of hydrogen and alloy was the core of hydrogen and other four stages. With the increase of hydrogen pressure, magnet surface activation process is accelerated, 6 MPa above almost disappear. The initial pressure of 15 MPa for old magnet absorb hydrogen reaction activation can E = 6. 71 kJ/mol, cast slice is E = 6. 64 kj/mol, ndfeb speed NingZhu hydrogen absorption reaction occurred more often. Third, the reaction of hydrogen absorption of sintered ndfeb waste magnet blasting capacity increased with the increase of the initial hydrogen pressure reduce; At 423 K, the size is less than 10 mm used magnets, the reaction of hydrogen absorption blasting effect is best. Studied using hydrogen processing block preparation into high performance sintered ndfeb waste magnet regeneration of regeneration bonded magnets and sintered magnets. Bonded magnet aspects: mechanical crushing waste from renewable magnets way of fracture mainly transgranular fracture, fracture of hydrogen crushing waste from renewable magnets way mainly intergranular fracture, both the regeneration of bonded magnet maximum magnetic energy product of 91 respectively. 4 kJ/m3, and 111. 6kJ/m3。 Hydrogen broken magnetic powder by 10 wt. % NdHx nanoparticles surface modification of the bonded magnet after add nanoparticles bonded magnet coercive force than 22. 3%. Through the optimization of process preparation of large quantities of high-performance regenerative sintered ndfeb magnet, compared with the original magnet, brand of 35 sh regeneration of magnet remanence, coercive force, maximum magnetic energy product recovery rate of 99 respectively. 2%, 105. 65%, 98. 65%. Brand of 42 h regenerative magnet remanence, coercive force, maximum magnetic energy product recovery rate of 99 respectively. 27%, 96. 76%, 99. 29%, reached the commercial level. With brand of 35 sh and 42 h two regeneration of sintered ndfeb magnet, examines the regeneration magnets, thermal stability, chemical stability and mechanical properties, and compared with the same brand of native contrasted the sintered ndfeb magnet. Studies have shown that regeneration of magnet remanence temperature coefficient & alpha; , coercive force, temperature coefficient & beta; And the highest use temperature were very similar TO all and native magnets, shows the temperature stability. Regeneration of chemical stability of sintered ndfeb magnet is slightly inferior to the native magnets. Analysis found that higher total rare earth magnets of regeneration and the boundary of the more rich neodymium phase in the microstructure is the main reason. Regeneration of sintered ndfeb magnet tensile/compressive strength and hardness is slightly lower than native magnet, but the fracture toughness is better. It also compared with the former microstructure in border neodymium rich more relevant. The results show that the regenerated magnet has close to native magnet temperature stability, chemical stability and mechanical properties, can fully satisfy the business applications. Established from sintered ndfeb waste sludge to the recycling technology of the regeneration of sintered ndfeb magnet. Using chemical coprecipitation preparation of sintered ndfeb waste sludge into oxide powder, rare earth elements in waste oil sludge is implemented and its main accompanying the transition metal elements common to recycle. Using calcium reducing diffusion technique oxide powder reduction into single-phase Nd2Fe14B alloy powder. The NdHx nanoparticles doped sintering technology was regeneration of sintered ndfeb magnets. Through the analysis of the process of reaction mechanism of concrete, the key process parameters optimization, the performance of the available renewable sintered ndfeb magnets, magnet can best magnetic: remanence 1. 2 T, coercive force 517. 6 kA/m, the maximum magnetic energy product 258 kJ/m3.
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