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Reengineering in the future, ndfeb magnet magnetic index to the next level

by:Newland     2020-05-05
The U. S. company has developed a maximum magnetic energy product ( One of the magnetic index) Higher than the company's existing 'NEOREC53 series' Nd - about 5% Fe- B 'NEOREC55 series of ndfeb magnet coercive force higher variety' NEOREC50H 'maximum magnetic energy product for 1420 + 20 mt ( FIG. 2) 。 Although the maximum magnetic energy product less than the product of some are being developed, however, 'in for VCM and the amount of laser products, have reached the maximum' jiada. At present, the samples of the products has started to supply, in late April 2007 go into mass production, the monthly output is 5 tons. Mainly will be used in hard disk VCM ( Voice coil motor) And the laser head. Increase the maximum magnetic energy product help VCM and laser motor to realize miniaturization and lightweight. Moreover, when using the same magnet volume production VCM, also can increase the torque, shorten the hard disk seek time. This series of products also has the characteristics of magnetized high degrees of freedom. Magnetization is to point to by magnetic field on sintered under no magnetic magnet magnetization, the process of making it a permanent magnets. Due to reduced the difficulty of magnetization, laser with ndfeb magnets need small volume and form complex graphics (magnetization Set up multiple N pole and S pole) The requirements of the easily satisfied. Moreover, N pole and S pole 'neutral zone of transition ( 中性区) 'Narrow easily. Facilitate the VCM torque increase, as well as laser and the improvement of VCM positioning accuracy. Change the material composition and manufacturing process of the product is changing the magnet material composition proportion and improve manufacturing process on the basis of the implementation. Aspects of the material is still using the same as the previous neodymium, iron, boron, but on the composition change. But did not disclose details. Manufacturing process, the company of former sintered ndfeb magnets in the 'dry pressing molding' adopted in forming is improved. Before this, magnet materials need to be crushed into fine particles and load mould, after the applied magnetic field, then pressure molding and sintering. After crushing, the magnet material added to the magnet material change process, improved the activity of the particles. When applied magnetic field, the particles of a preferred direction ( The magnetization axis) Easy to point to the same direction, can improve the magnetic properties. In addition to the dry pressing molding, forming method and use of liquid in 'wet compression molding. Although the activity of the particles is higher when wet pressing molding, but due to the manufacturing cost is expensive, so the company chose to dry forming. In addition, because of neodymium oxide could easily, is difficult to realize the characteristics of the magnet after oxidation, manufacturing need to be done under the conditions of low oxygen concentrations. This series of magnets in the manufacturing, has also made the corresponding adjustment on the oxygen concentration
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