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rare earths: time for the u.s. to boost production?

by:Newland     2019-10-17
Congress may soon ask the United States. S.
Increase efforts to occupy a greater share of the world\'s key rare earth supply chain. Reps. Hank Johnson (D-Ga. )and Edward J. Markey (D-Mass. )
A bill was introduced on Wednesday to guide the United StatesS.
Geological Survey to carry out three
International annual assessment of availability and production of rare earth elements.
Evaluation of rare earth resources (RARE)
Act will study known mineral reserves and identify potential undiscovered deposits while analyzing the mineto-
Manufacturing process.
Rare earths exist in more and more technologies such as military radar systems, wind turbines, electric vehicle batteries, smartphones, etc.
But China has tapped 97% of the world\'s rare earth resources and recently reduced its exports.
It is the only commercial rare earth mine in the United States. S.
Molly, right?
Facilities in California pass
Located west of the Nevada border near the mohaway National Reserve.
On Tuesday, the company announced a partnership with the United States. S.
The Energy Department\'s Ames Lab has developed new methods to manufacture commercial rare earth permanent magnets. U. S.
Strengthening mineral supplies is a strategic weakness that will not only undermine national security, but also the country\'s fast-growing clean energy, officials said. tech sector.
In a speech at Georgetown University on Tuesday, President Obama stressed the importance of a strong national energy policy.
Related report: With China\'s reduction in rare earth exports, the United StatesS.
Dig mine for MoruS.
Obama says oil imports will be reduced by third by 2021-
Tiffany HsuPhoto: Mountain Pass rare earth mine.
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