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by:Newland     2019-11-17
They may look like ruins from the flesh\'s eye, but according to Konstantin caranopoulos, rare earth elements are as precious as rare gems.
Karayannopoulos is located in Toronto.
Materials technology based on NEO
Only one of two foreign companies allowed to operate as rare earth element processors in China (
Also called Rare Earth)for export.
In the world where China now offers markets for these small companies, it\'s a pretty big coup.
Known but necessary minerals
Rare earth elements are used to make materials for manufacturing from super
Strong magnets for more efficient electronic components.
They are an important part of countless products, including hard drives, TV screens, medical scanning equipment, power tools, audio equipment, and automotive catalytic converters.
They are also critical for the production of increasingly popular green technologies such as compact fluorescent bulbs, highly efficient rechargeable batteries, and hybrid engines.
Although rare earths are only a small part of the raw materials that make up such goods, they cannot be manufactured without rare earths.
Speaking about the value of the rare earth elements used in most consumer goods, Karayannopoulos said: \"with some rare exceptions, you may be talking about five cents and a dime per unit.
But they are absolutely indispensable.
\"What is rare earth?
Despite their name, there is nothing special about rare earth elements.
In fact, they are not rare --
They are everywhere in the Earth\'s crust.
Rare earth is the 15 metal elements on the periodic table.
They have different nuclear, metallurgical, chemical, catalytic, electrical, magnetic and/or optical properties that make them unique.
Some grades used in some alloys are only worth one to two dollars a pound, while others, such as nd, are worth their gold weight.
Nd is an important element in the production of compact magnets used in each hard drive and CD
ROM in the world, and other uses.
One of the more rare earth elements is the rare earth element, for example, used in hybrid motor vehicles.
In recent years, with the surge in demand for rare earths, prices have grown at a rate that exceeds each year.
Because rare earths are usually mixed with other elements, they must be separated and extracted before they are used, which may be a complex and expensive process.
Rare Earth can be found in mine tailings in many cases
Rubble and other waste from the mine.
In the past two decades, China has developed a cheap and easy model. to-
The by-product of Baiyun Ebo iron ore business in the north, rare earth resources and rich clay ore deposits in the South.
The \"findings\" have revolutionized the rare earth industry, and China has become a major producer of low rare earth production, observers say.
Cost rare earth elements.
China is the only country today with a large number of rare earth mining and separation capabilities.
\"For many years, most of the rare earths were obtained from the mountain pass in California until the beginning of 1980.
\"Anthony Mariano said he was a consultant mineral exploration geologists.
\"China\'s labor and production costs are much lower.
Although the concentration is relatively low, the convenience of separation provides an amazing resource.
\"According to the news service of China economic network, at the current consumption rate, some rare earth reserves will disappear within 20 to 30 years.
But Karayannopoulos believes that there is enough rare earth reserves in China alone, which can last for 1,000 years.
The fact that China has a monopoly on the market and is taking steps to protect domestic interests is beginning to strain some observers.
In 2005, China canceled the tax refund for rare earth oxide exports.
In November 2006, the country imposed an export tariff of ten per cent.
As exports continue to soar, the EU has raised tariffs to 15 percentage points.
But Karayannopoulos says buying from China is still better than other options.
\"China\'s export value may have increased by about, but given the titanium oxide ,[
Rare elements used in displays and displaysEnergy lighting]
[For sale at $150 a pound
$330 per kilogram]
In the 1980 s, now sold for $6 per kilogram
He said that is what China has done to \"improve access to rare earth elements in the world.
Looking for alternatives that will not prevent businesses from going further for security reasons.
\"The world has become uneasy because of the strategic importance of rare earths ,[manufacturers]
\"He is often asked to consult on finding a viable deposit,\" said geologists Mariano . \".
\"I have more work than I have done in my life.
\"Les Hayman, an independent consultant for mining, is based in Penetanguishine, Ont.
He said the demand for his services has been growing.
\"It\'s all about ensuring continuity of supply.
Rare earth is one of the things that only some people know where to see.
Not like gold, everyone knows [how to find it]Said Hayman.
Karayannopoulos, Mariano and Heymann both said there was no shortage of potential deposits in Australia, Africa and North America.
The challenge we face is how to develop these deposits economically.
As president of Toronto, Al Shefsky
The mining development company, which is headquartered in Pelle Mountain Resources, pointed out that \"there are a lot of deposits on the Earth --
Just not economically viable concentrations.
But this may change as demand rises.
With the global push for clean energy applications, demand will only increase.
\"There are some rare earth deposits under consideration in Canada.
The main potential sources include Lake Thor in the northwest and Lake Elliot in Ontario (
Areas where rare earth was previously produced as a branch of its uranium mining business).
Even confident Karayannopoulos is hedging his bets on future supplies.
\"Over the past few months, we have been looking for meaningful deposits around the world,\" he said . \".
\"The sky is falling and we are not panicking.
After China raises tariffs]
But we do try to balance.
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