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Rare earth permanent magnets manufacturer (Shanghai Which good list address)

by:Newland     2020-03-26
Shanghai permanent magnets manufacturers is introduced in the Shanghai area, there are also some greatly small magnet manufacturers, among numerous magnet manufacturer, if you want to find a reliable and word of mouth good Shanghai local magnet manufacturer also is not easy, today, Ricky magnet xiaofu card gives you a Shanghai magnet company list, only for your reference. Shanghai magnet manufacturers list ( Baidu ranked, have priority to the club's official website, does not represent the company strength rank) A neodymium magnet co. , LTD. , Shanghai gold 1, neodymium magnets co. , LTD. Is a company introduction Shanghai gold xin sheng permanent magnet technology co. , LTD. , a member of the enterprise, is a professional production and sales of various magnetic materials and related components of high-tech enterprises, the company long-term commitment to sintered ndfeb and ferrite permanent magnet material production and application. 2, the company address Shen Mei pudong district road 123 4th floor, tower 2, figure 3, the company's web site http://www. shanghaimagnet。 Com / 2 magnetic industry co. , LTD. , Shanghai standard good 1, the company introduced standard good magnetic industry co. , LTD. Is a professional research and development, production of ndfeb ( Aluminum nickel and cobalt, samarium cobalt) Permanent magnets and devices such as high-tech companies, products are exported to Europe, America, Asia and other countries. 2, the company address pujiang town, minhang district of Shanghai MinChi 2 256 9 3, the company's web site http://www. sh - dillian。 Com/three, treasure of paramagnetic industry co. , LTD. , Shanghai, company introduction Shanghai treasure paramagnetic industry co. , LTD. Is located in the east China sea coast of China's national important trading port - — Shanghai. The company was founded in 1996, is a production, processing all kinds of high and low performance ndfeb, samarium cobalt magnetic tile, magnetic ring, wafer manufacturing enterprises. After years of development, now has the sintering equipment and a variety of processing equipment ( Such as: wire cutting machine, slicing machine, large vertical mill, etc. ) 。 2, the company address baoshan district of Shanghai luojing town 25 Shanghai too road 8786, lane 3, the company's web site http://www. bsmagnet。 Cn / 4 amp magnetic industry co. , LTD. , Shanghai 1, company introduction Shanghai ampere magnetic industry co. , LTD. Is specialized is engaged in ndfeb rare earth permanent magnet materials and magnetic components production and sales enterprises. 2, the company address in baoshan district of Shanghai Yang industrial park, 118 spring and road 3, the company's web site http://cn. 美联社- 磁铁。 Com/five elder brother, Shanghai Ai magnetoelectricity technology co. , LTD. 1, company introduction Shanghai magnetoelectric Ai kunming technology co. , LTD is a professional engaged in magnetic materials and application of product development, production and sales for the integration of enterprises. Now the main production and sales of products have strong magnetic ndfeb, ferrite, samarium cobalt, and its components. 2, the company address 181 bottles of north road, minhang district of Shanghai, the company web site, http://www. magcote。 Six YingGui magnetic industry co. , LTD. , Shanghai com / 1, the company to introduce my company is located in the east international metropolis - Shanghai, specializing in the production of various types of magnetic materials, products mainly ferrite magnets, rare earth ndfeb magnets ( Magnetic buckle) , magnetic coupling, aluminum nickel and cobalt. Samarium cobalt. Rubber magnet five types of thousands of varieties, can also according to your needs, through open mould or cutting to make the new specifications. 2, the company address Shanghai fengxian town road 158 through the joint efforts of the occurrence of the 3, the company's web site http://www. shyg - 磁体。 Com seven, Shanghai sheng magnetic magnetic industry co. , LTD. 1, company introduction Shanghai sheng magnetic magnetic industry co. , LTD. , founded in 1998, is a rare earth permanent magnet research and development, production, sales for the integration of enterprises. Company set up production base in Shanghai, zhejiang, respectively, the main high performance sintered ndfeb, samarium cobalt and other rare earth permanent magnet and products. 2, the company address Shanghai minhang xinzhuang industrial zone ShenNa road 501, lane number 11 3, the company's web site http://www. v - 磁铁。 Com/Shanghai magnet manufacturer which is better? Or that sentence, there is no best, only better. Xiaofu think that suits your company is good, Such as the terms of payment, the magnet price, magnet minimum quantity and service, etc. ) Above, lists some Shanghai magnet works for you, hope to help you purchase the magnet. Understanding Ricky magnet card friends know we are a high performance high precision hard magnet manufacturer, in fact we find magnet manufacturer also is not necessary to have to find a local. Such as mold, such as price advantage can consider, so has the need to offer, customer can also directly contact CARDS Ricky proofing magnet. Ricky magnet card factory main product categories: abnormity powerful magnet injection ferrite beads bonded ndfeb motor rotor magnet steel
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