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Rare earth permanent magnet stocks downstream enterprises list in 2019

by:Newland     2020-03-26
For the moment, there were a total of 34 stocks of rare earth permanent magnet in the stocks, due to the country for rare earth control is more and more strict, began to rise in the price of rare earth, investors are also focused on rare earth permanent magnet stocks again. Rare earth permanent magnet attached stocks list jin li permanent magnet downstream enterprise: high performance ndfeb permanent magnet materials division three-ring: sintering, bonded ndfeb magnet, soft magnet oxygen ying luo hua: rare earth permanent magnet materials and products, corundum series products: galactic magnet bonded ndfeb magnets, magnet components are sea brought educational building of high performance ndfeb permanent magnet materials: ferrite magnetic material components ( Permanent magnetic components, soft magnetic components) , is one of the biggest manufacturer of ferrite magnetic materials in domestic, is China's largest producer of motor with permanent magnet ferrite, motor with permanent magnetic ferrite production in China first. Company's main products are permanent magnetic ferrite, soft magnetic ferrite products downstream motor respectively, and the core component of electronic transformer. North mining technology: high performance permanent magnetic materials ( Bonded ferrite, sintered ferrite) Hengdian east magnetic: permanent magnetic ferrite and soft magnetic ferrite, is also the only domestic production of permanent magnetic ferrite and soft magnetic ferrite products more than ten thousand tons of industry leading enterprises. Ningbo l: amorphous strip, thin film solar cells, rare earth permanent magnet materials elegance high-tech: company invested 67 million yuan micro electronics co. , LTD. , wholly owned guangdong zhaoqing the company covers an area of about 100000 square meters, after many years, has developed into advanced equipment, leading technology, high grade of products, variety complete, industry-leading specializing in the production of soft magnetic materials of high-tech enterprises. Days pass shares: soft magnetic ferrite, rare earth permanent magnet materials. In the magnetic material in 2001 listed companies, in magnetic materials industry for nearly 30 years, is already a domestic leading brand of magnetic material, accumulated the rich industry resources and marketing channels. Information associated with this article articles; 2018 year China top 10 excellent magnetic materials enterprises
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