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Rare earth permanent magnet materials of sintered ndfeb and samarium cobalt characteristics analysis

by:Newland     2020-03-11
Permanent magnet motor is widely used, but how many people know the category of the permanent magnetic material? The characteristics of different permanent magnetic material and quality? Should be used under the different environment and selection? This article is based on such a starting point, to the permanent magnet material, especially 'ndfeb, samarium cobalt' rare earth permanent magnet, do some characteristic analysis. Rare earth permanent magnet ( Samarium cobalt, ndfeb) The most widely in air compressor, most of them are produced by using sintering technology, and has about a third of the rare earth permanent magnet materials are used in the permanent magnet motor market. The comprehensive performance of rare earth permanent magnet is also known to the highest permanent magnetic material, it is 8 ~ 10 times higher than the permanent magnetic ferrite and higher than aluminum nickel and cobalt permanent magnet 3 ~ 5 times, so has been widely used. Samarium cobalt permanent magnet by samarium, cobalt and other rare earth metal materials by the ratio of a magnetic material. Contains SmCo5 and Sm2Co17. Ndfeb ( Ne2Fe14B) Is made of neodymium, iron, boron tetragonal crystal system formed by the crystal. Based on the analysis of the samarium cobalt ( SMCo) And the summary, 钕铁硼) Two rare earth permanent magnet material properties difference before, we need to know the following two definitions: low maximum magnetic energy product: the greater the magnetic energy product, the less have the same effect when the magnetic material. So BH is bigger, the better price, highest working temperature: when is higher than the temperature, magnetic fell sharply, not work properly. When the temperature down to normal levels, can recover part of the magnetic. Note: highest ndfeb magnetic energy in the area affected by temperature, such as to achieve the highest working temperature 200 ℃, according to the current sintering technology can only achieve 38 mgoe maximum magnetic energy product. As can be seen from the above performance data, samarium cobalt and ndfeb as two of the most important series of rare earth permanent magnet materials, each has his strong point. Ndfeb magnetic better, but the temperature of the magnetic stability is poorer, easily influenced by temperature. Samarium cobalt magnetic energy is more outstanding, best temperature characteristic, compared with ndfeb is more able to adapt to high temperature environment. Although samarium cobalt prices higher, but because of its good stability, more and more get of air compressor vendors would love, also received unanimous favorable comment of customer. Love to share the article comes from air compressor, Ricky xiaofu finishing editing card by powerful magnet manufacturer. And this paper highly relevant article: learning today share of ndfeb and samarium cobalt difference is introduced in detail
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