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Rare earth permanent magnet industry outlook in the future

by:Newland     2020-05-03
1. New energy vehicles is the biggest demand of future demand for ndfeb. Low carbon economy will set off the global development of new energy vehicles and small lightweight car explosive growth, it also led to the long-term needs of ndfeb permanent magnet materials. New energy vehicles will be the important target market, according to the calculation, a electric car USES about 3 - ndfeb permanent magnet materials 5 kg or so, and according to our to 2020 with the new energy vehicles will make up about 20% of the global car production, summary of direct incremental demand will be at least 40000 tons. And lightweight car market will ndfeb permanent magnet is another important future market, than the average for each car is equipped with 40 motor, we take the 09 small lightweight alternative to calculate, 50% of the permanent magnet motor cars of ndfeb permanent magnet material demand will exceed 30000 tons. 2. Direct drive wind turbine type trend is another application of rare earth permanent magnet materials. Direct-drive permanent magnet wind turbine technology has entered the mature period, the current European and American market penetration rate over 25%, while only 10% in China, we believe that the future of China's fan motor, the permeability of direct-drive permanent magnet wind turbine will be more than the European and American developed country, to become the mainstream of wind motor, it will directly stimulating demand for China's high performance ndfeb permanent magnet material compound annual growth rate of more than 20%, to 2014 the demand for ndfeb permanent magnetic material will reach 10000 tons. 3. Energy-saving motor as drive part of the rapid growth of the rare earth permanent magnet material first. Course by countries such as energy saving and emission reduction policy, energy-saving industrial motor quickly pull the demand the release of rare earth permanent magnet motor, at the same time also led to rising demand for ndfeb. The rare earth permanent magnet motor save 15% energy consumption than conventional motor 20%, and the national rare earth permanent magnet motor 40 - per kw subsidies 60 yuan, material costs of the motor directly to make up, this directly promoted the demand release, also to strengthen the downstream manufacturing actively sourcing. Dc inverter and frequency conversion air conditioning field, than 15 - ac frequency conversion power saving 30%, and the frequency conversion air conditioning market share of only 20% in China, the Japanese market share of more than 90%. If the frequency conversion air conditioning in the future of our country maintain an annual growth of 30%, to 2014 for frequency conversion air conditioning of ndfeb permanent magnet brushless dc motor material will reach 5825 tons. 4. China's rare earth permanent magnet industry structure will further advance into high value-added products. 08 China accounted for 76% of global production, but only 58% of global output value; While Japan's production accounts for only 21% of the world, but accounted for 38% of global output, we differ with the very large. But it's more that our country has a more broad space for growth in the future. We think that as the technology to upgrade the level of domestic and foreign various patent restriction canceled, the core of China's rare earth permanent magnetic material will be transferred to the high value-added products.
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