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Rare earth permanent magnet brushless dc motor magnet manufacturer

by:Newland     2020-04-17
Magnet manufacturer of rare earth permanent magnet brushless dc motor due to the unique rare earth permanent magnet brushless dc motor (BLDCM), the advantages of its application in the plane speed is faster. On the function and performance to a higher level of development. In the reliability in terms of reducing the volume weight, use a variety of technologies. One is to improve the insulation class, magnet manufacturers to increase the ability of magnetic steel high temperature resistance to demagnetization. The second is to improve the working speed, using magnetic levitation, such as gas suspension technology; Three is to improve the cooling conditions, the use of circulating water cooling, cycle oil cooling, spray cooling, cooling, rotor stator unilateral bilateral cooling technology, etc. In addition, high power and high voltage direct current is one of the important development direction. Magnet manufacturers expand knowledge: ancient Greek and Chinese found in nature have a kind of natural magnetization stone, called & other; Magnet & throughout; 。 This stone can be magic little pieces of iron absorption, and at a random wobble is always point to the same direction. Early voyager the magnet as the compass of its first to identify the direction in the sea. After one thousand years of development, the magnet has become a powerful material in our life today. Through the synthesis of different material alloy can achieve the same effect as the tool, but also can improve the magnetic force. Came in the 18th century artificial magnet, but the process of making stronger magnetic material is very slow, until the 1920 s to produce the aluminum nickel and cobalt, Alnico) 。 Then, in the 1950 s produced the ferrite ( Ferrite) , creating a rare earth magnet in the 70 s [ Rare Earth all including ndfeb ( 钕铁硼) And samarium cobalt ( SmCo) ] 。 At this point, magnetism obtained the rapid development of science and technology, strong magnetic material also makes the components more miniaturization. Magnet, powerful magnets, special-shaped magnets, magnet manufacturer,
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