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Rare earth nutritional function

by:Newland     2020-04-11
We all know more or less a little rare earth, many areas are indispensable, today told everyone is its nutritional function. 1, rare earth can promote seed germination, improve the germination rate. Application of rare earth seed, seed germination rate, but also to a certain concentration range, the seed germination rate increases with the increase of concentration of rare earth, generally promote effect at around 10%. 2, rare earth can promote root growth. Crops after applying a moderate amount of rare earth, 20 ~ 35% increase in the number of seedling root, root length increased 4 ~ 10%, increase root weight 16. 6-66. 6%; The same root volume also increased significantly, growth stage and increase to 2. 5 ~ 21. 7%. 3, rare earth can improve root activity, promote crops on the absorption of nutrients. Rice after the application of rare earth, root oxidation ability, enhance the dehydrogenase activity. 01%, velocity of leaf ageing slowed, but function extended period. At the same time, the root system's ability to absorb nutrients also increased, for the promotion of nitrogen absorption rate is about 16%, for the promotion of phosphorus absorption rate of 12% or so, for the promotion of potassium uptake rate is an average of eight. 5%. 4, rare earth can improve the content of chlorophyll in leaf. General can improve the soybean chlorophyll content of 25. 5 1% of peanuts. 2 76%, rice. 13, 98% cotton. 4 4%, grapes. 4 ~ 38. 6%, 30% milk vetch. In appearance also can clearly see the leaf color deepened. 5, rare earth can enhance photosynthesis. After the application of rare earth, it can increase crop chloroplast light reduction activities in the leaves, enhance photosynthesis intensity, improve the efficiency of photosynthesis. After the application of rare earth, sugar cane and light intensity increased by 12%, peanut increased by 10 to 36%, rice 7 ~ 16%. 6, rare earth can improve the activity of enzymes. In rare earth to increase crop root dehydrogenase, nitrate reductase and nitrogenase activity have a significant effect, thus can promote the metabolism of plants, especially nitrogen metabolism, increase crop amino acid, protein and total nitrogen content in the body. 7, rare earth can promote crop growth and development, improve the economic characters. Crops after the application of rare earth, can promote the growth of leaves, increase leaf area, leaf speed, increased the plant height and branch ( Tiller) Number, extend the life of the blade, early flowering time, increase the number of flowering, improve seed setting rate, promote early, increase grain weight of fruit. Water in booting stage spraying rare earth, can be 3 days or so early earing, economic characters have been obviously improved, effective ears generally increased 3. 3 ~ 6. 1% to 4 more per panicle. Five to four. Abortive rate 10 ~ 15% 8%, empty, thousand seed weight increased 1. 2 to 1. 5%. 8, rare earth can enhance crop resistance can. Due to rare earth can make the crop stability of cell membrane structure or improve the protective function of cell membrane, thus can enhance the ability of crops to resist bad environment, improve the disease resistance, such as rice, jiang seedling disease of rice blast and sheath blight has good control effect. Article is adapted from 'the new fertilizer use technical manual, editor in chief Wang Dixuan He Yongmei li jianguo, is only for technology sharing. Rare earth related reading; What are the must use of rare earth products? Once again bear witness to rare earth permanent magnet
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