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Rare earth ndfeb N48sh magnet magnetic parameters is introduced

by:Newland     2020-03-24
For magnet magnetic can demand higher level of customers would use the summary of 48 sh, given the customer has to 48 sh understand demand performance rank correlation magnetic parameters, so today to introduce. N48sh mainly motor areas of the application of performance, the highest working temperature is 150 ℃, if you need higher heat resistance, need to change. Ndfeb magnet N48sh related magnetic ndfeb material get indicator showing 48 sh data features, these features may changes with the shape and size of the product. If you have any need to purchase the high performance ndfeb magnet welcome for consulting price, proofing. Relevant article recommended reading; N42SH magnetic parameters and performance curves of strong magnetic ndfeb ( N40EH N44UH N48SH N50H) The graph
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