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Rare earth ndfeb magnet resources means of illegal mining and smuggling

by:Newland     2020-04-15
Dongguan ndfeb magnet industry has met the most severe winter, flood mining rare earth resources, many resources are wasted and even smuggling going abroad, in order to protect the precious and rare strategic mineral resources, since 2007, China began to implement mandatory on rare earth ndfeb magnet production planning, and begin to implement restrictions on rare earths exports, in 2009 countries intensive after controls on rare earth exports and domestic production, particularly in the rare earth ndfeb magnet prices soared in 2011, rare earth trafficking began, become a big problem in the regulation of the rare earth industry. Global magnet rare earth ndfeb make consumption has grown steadily in recent years, China's export quotas in decline, such as about 5, 2009. 010000 tons, reduced to 3, 2010. 020000 tons, 2011 to 2. 40000 tons. But strangely, 2011 rare earth export surplus as much as 40% of the quota. Abroad, meanwhile, has no shortage of rare earths, and rare earth ndfeb magnet price is also a trend of decline, the abnormal phenomena show that rare earth smuggling in underground front 'helped'. Otherwise data more frightening, a staff of China's rare earth association says, within the industry friends, rare earth smuggling to the United States is serious in our country last year, the statistics of the import of Chinese in America amount of rare earth ndfeb magnet is China's customs statistics of the rare earth exports 5 times. How, then, these rare earth ndfeb magnet 'scrutiny to do his duty' go abroad in the country? It is understood that there are mainly four or five kind of smuggling way, is the most commonly used in the product names, such as the high content of rare earth product declaration for the low content of products, or to export ferroalloy, mail samples and other items to escape regulation. Second, look for loopholes. Some foreign companies in China deep processing of rare earth products, often containing rare earth elements, after deep processing of rare earth products are exported abroad and extraction of rare earth elements, in order to avoid rare earth export controls. Other methods and the nominal export of similar products in physical properties, and make an issue of commodity classification, etc. Customs goods flow is bigger, every day is not possible to check all, companies are using the above method is easy to drilling and sampling hole, muddle through. In 2010, the state has a quota of ndfeb magnet rare earth export enterprises only 33, but finally found a rare earth export companies have 80, of which is based on more than 40 doctored purpose company or goods, or even to mix rare earths in other illegal export of cheap goods. In addition, there are not to be named the personage inside course of study revealed that, many small smuggling means have been renovated, including ore by container smuggled into Hong Kong or transit from fujian to Taiwan, eventually to Japan, Vietnam and other places for separation of smelting, etc. TaoMinMin admitted that in cracking down on smuggling illegal mining, under the government really hard, but the effect has not been better. Because a lot of rare earth ndfeb magnet enterprise scale is very small, only a dozen people, some factory and even a few mouth people will build a factory production sales of rare earth, law enforcement, almost can't find the head. Not only that, in the south, especially in some parts of the mountain of jiangxi rare earth mine, mining, local farmers directly because of some rare earth ndfeb magnet journey faraway, geography, remote, has greatly difficult regulation. Article belongs to industry news, see more fresh magnet industry information: WWW. 勇气, 磁铁。 com/news/news_5_1。 html
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