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rare earth miner to list burundi project on london stock exchange

by:Newland     2019-11-06
After Rainbow Rare Earth disclosure plans to go public on the London Stock Exchange, investors will be able to buy a rare earth mine in Burundi.
RRE wants to raise 5.
7 M, clean up and restart the Gakara mine, a landlocked east African country, which has been in operation for 30 years until 1978.
Rare earths received widespread attention at the beginning of a decade before the price cooled.
However, RRE believes that the minerals of Gakara-such as la, ce and nd-will be subject to increasing demand as the battery, magnet and automotive industries demand.
\"As the world grows, we will consume more of these things,\" said Martin Eales, RRE general manager . \".
\"Fundamentals are emerging. . .
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