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Rare earth market volatility when Hugh, ndfeb magnet manufacturers all firewood high flame

by:Newland     2020-05-07
Nearly a week, the domestic rare earth market prices fluctuated, between the rise and fall, no volume, the stalemate between the seller and the buyer. On Monday, the north of rare earths group announced this month rare earth ndfeb magnet product listing price, most of the products increase than the previous period. Since then, each big ndfeb magnet manufacturers tentative increase praseodymium neodymium products offer, but most of the downstream user is currently is still early to purchase inventory, just need to weak, therefore has to rise after the price accept co. , LTD. Overall, the market clinch a deal the scarce, cold and cheerless. At present, the market quotation neodymium praseodymium oxide in 50 - generally 520000 yuan/ton, the actual transaction stay in 50 - 510000 yuan/ton, poor reception on for a higher offer. Dysprosium oxide price - in 1250 1300 yuan/kg, but the actual price is still low, and poor buy sex. Gadolinium oxide in 12 - price 150000 yuan/ton, still. Market participants believe that the past year after rapid pull up prices in late July, buyers and sellers become more rational and cautious. Downstream plants in the case of a certain stock, take the way of a small amount of covering restock, clinch a deal that is cold and cheerless. Actually more and more people believe that environmental protection and anti behavior will continue to affect the ndfeb magnet production, supply, and manufacturers of ndfeb magnet needs demand for ndfeb is clear and stable, so the light rare earth market is still in the future.
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