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Rare earth market since the fall, ndfeb manufacturers several glad several sorrow!

by:Newland     2020-05-07
Manufacturer engaged in ndfeb rare earth industry knows, rare earth as a national key control area of a lot of time in addition to market factors, national policy factors also accounted for a large proportion, with the national environmental management, focus on black, small-scale enterprises, the rare earth market often also brings a lot of international disputes, recently, for example, the recent market reaction was weaker in addition to the neodymium praseodymium prices rose slightly, the price of other heavy rare earth almost a downward trend, trading volume was scarce, most industry insiders are watching the market. Such situation, make the industry really amazing and produce all kinds of questions, and the depths of ndfeb manufacturers and many rare earth enterprises is also very confused, don't non-ferrous metal prices rebound but forgot the rare earth? I'm afraid such downward trend, a bit not normal! Let us to go back to have a look at the international market, in the face of China's rare earth price so low, and the regular channel trade of rare earth is light volume. So for countries to China's rare earth in the past, but now turn a blind eye to cheap rare earths, let these rare earths more walk more low price. You know, the price of the domestic rare earth has fallen for many years, the loss that afflict the domestic rare earth industry is already. Rare earth prices now is reasonable restorative rise, rather than 'wulitou', just to non-ferrous metal market price trend. Looked from the domestic market, the state implements the integration of rare earth market, rare earth industry has gradually improve, mining and metallurgy of rare earth pin full circle into the industrial chain in six groups. It is reported that this year's national office requirements focus on rare earth rare earth group to control the production according to the plan, unplanned exploitation not new. Little output, in addition to supply the domestic rare earth enterprises processing, its exports and in previous years, than there is no big changes. Production if really no big change, it should be and other non-ferrous products, comply with the colored prices rebound trend, instead of continuing down and let everybody to bearish market. What's more, before the Mid-Autumn festival last year, is the price of rare earth products comply, had a holiday is actually falling, that it is unusually rare earth prices have the personage inside course of study thinks, the current market prices decline is belong to the normal law of rare earths, not surprising, is very little demand for rare earths, and imbalance of supply and demand of rare earth to balance is normal expression of market operation, also worry about someone for intervention on the market, and stressed that once the artificial intervention, the consequences would be more serious. This idea is only saw the rare earth economy aspect, but didn't see the other side of the political, more often, rare earth political economy a lot better. Even if we follow these in the industry's point of view of rare earth, national production quotas of rare earth production is so much, and the domestic and foreign demand is rigid, rare earth such a seller's market, why can appear for promotion? Why also can naturally relieve contradiction between supply and demand? Normal channels is made, and able to do this, the only only black rare earths are able to do it. 30 years ago, according to a media China occupies 70% of the world's rare earths capacity is 57 million tons, 30 years later fell sharply to 27 million tons, which in addition to domestic for private use and export of the number of smuggling of rare earth 25 million tons. Ndfeb manufacturers expected rare earth industry, I'm afraid this is not normal will continue for some time.
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