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Rare earth industry fundamentals continue to improve strength strong magnet counter attack

by:Newland     2020-05-08
After silence for rare earth strong magnet concept upturn in yesterday, in the weak market of callback, is a major bright spot, has once again attracted the attention of investors. Due to the improvement of relations between supply and demand gradually improved, the relevant concepts in individual stocks also caught the attention of capital in the near future. Aiming at afternoon, analysts said, since mid-september last year continues the callback, especially in the recent decline, stocks valuations have been generally fell back. Superposition of downstream of the current due to the environmental protection and inventory, lower inventory, rare earth powerful magnet marginal improvement of supply and demand, price increases uncertainty strong over the next two months. Relevant concepts by some agencies may also have to look good. Powerful magnets of supply and demand to improve the weakness of the expected to strengthen in the two cities in the callback, fell back after rare earth strong magnet performance is relatively strong, relevant concepts nearly two trading days is one of the stories of disk that is not much, contrarian lift near late yesterday again makes the concept is also important for some investors. Analysts pointed out that the whole, the recent tightening patterns in rare earth supply powerful magnet industry overall. With the coming of the downstream construction season, demand is expected to steady growth. Industry fundamentals for good posture, is expected to be further strengthened, and the future concepts of rare earth also will have the opportunity to perform, is worth tracking. In 2016 and 2017, rare earth magnet production index and smelting separation index of 10 respectively. 50000 tons and 100000 tons, and the index has been gradually to six rare earths group concentration, industry consolidation has been completed. In the first half of 2018, rare earth magnet production index and smelting separation index of 7 respectively. 350000 tons and 70000 tons, up 40% from a year earlier, 39. 8%. The recent rare earths prices higher again, terbium oxide factory tax quotation once rose 50000 yuan per ton. 2017 rare earth strong magnet industry main business income is 840. 400 million yuan, an increase of 12. 4%; Profit of 74. 700 million yuan, an increase of 38. 3%. Cinda securities, said the current global economy presents good recovery, the IMF to the global economic outlook continues to be optimistic, compared with the previous forecast, developed economy and economic growth in emerging economies were raised. And benefit from the favourable policy regulation and reform of the supply side, China's economic growth to maintain stability, the global economy would boost metals demand. Before due to non-ferrous metal prices are low to lower global mining investment growth, increased metal supply is limited, combined with China's environmental protection supervision in the latest years tighter, supply side reform reduce metal supply, supply and demand fundamentals metal prices. Powerful magnet sentiment is expected to continue as of the close, yesterday in the concept of plate, rare earth powerful magnets index only 21 of the 25 stocks rose; Rare earth 5 stocks in the index are all rise, in the concept of plate, the above concept with 1 respectively. 95% and 1. A 83% rise in the second and third. Since 2018, rare earth magnet price increases, to some extent, the biggest gains are gadolinium oxide, rose 40% since the start of the year, rose 6 neodymium praseodymium oxide. 4 1%, praseodymium neodymium metal increases. 7%. In January 2018 - March, prices continue to rise, the mood stable after march, April, environmental protection verification though continue to moderate the price picks up at the end of July to the environmental protection check, pushing up prices expected to August purchases expected superposition 9, 10 and 11 months of the season, the price can get continue to support, is expected to the year's rare earths average price is higher than normal. Furthermore, changjiang securities, stressed that the short-term support prices significantly higher environmental factors, and to watch for a long time still in high-end magnets. From mining to the smelting of rare earth separation link environmental hazard to examine, due to environmental factors, at the bottom of the recent rare earth strong magnet prices began to rebound, neodymium praseodymium oxide, for example, the current price since mid-may at the bottom of the periodic has risen by six. 25%; In the long term, the agency on new energy automobile motor used in high-end summary of technological barriers and new energy vehicles overseas capacity of order driven, leader is expected to be preferential benefit. Analysts pointed out that in the face of the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry, economic development entered the new era background, key strategic materials will become the key of the new stage, the new display material, rare earth strong magnet magnetic materials, aerospace equipment materials become focal objects, industrialization and localization is faster, because inflationary expectations superposition outlook, rare earth powerful magnets in the relevant market will once again usher in configuration window.
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