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Rare earth can't sale, this let his harrowing experience

by:Newland     2020-03-26
Even if what all can't export, rare earth can also export, speaking of rare earth everyone may not be unfamiliar, this kind of valuable mineral reserves, we once is a world leader. But our voice of rare earths, in previous years but failed to cling to the hand. Some imported us rare earths, but stop us to the protection of rare earths, and development; We can only cheap exports of rare earth in some people's eyes, once over a period of time we sold the loess price is really the gold a knot in one's heart. The resources of rare earth is a treasure, chief designer would have said: 'the Middle East has oil, China has rare earths. 'rare earth is a kind of heavy metal element, this element is cherish abnormal, not only cannot regenerate, belongs to a little less, and these elements using range is wide, whether industrial, military, manufacturing of rare earth elements are essential, known as industrial vitamin with universal soil. Rare earth elements can be added in military aircraft material to increase the plane strength of materials. So in many countries over a period of time on buying rare earth, and let the volatile international situation, rare earth has always been in good sales; But rare earth pricing power and right to share in attachment, we don't have much say. This is because we lack of technology, that is, rare earth separation technology. The graph is being developed by rare earth mine just in terms of military, all-powerful a lot during the war decided to war to weapons like rare earth. Laser guided bomb, the guidance part you will need to add rare earth elements, and the well-known M1 battle tanks rangefinder also need to add rare earth elements to enhance the strength of the parts. Not to mention some of the product we used in our daily life has the shadow of the rare earth, is inseparable from the computer screen, LED, X-ray machine these precious resources. If there is no rare earth, our life may become another appearance. In addition to the pursuit of short-term economic interests caused by the private dig to combat with lots of cheap exports, how we still lack of convenient extracting technical condition of rare earth elements. So in a period of history, we can only rely on foreign equipment and technology to extraction of rare earth elements. This is also some people think that we are unable to grasp the rare earth pricing power and the quota right, an important reason of science and technology is the first productivity, no core technology all is floating clouds. Since 1972 member of xu guangxian began to research of rare earth separation and purification separation technology in China, 17 kinds of rare earth elements because of the similar chemical properties, so very difficult purification technology, the foreign popular 'ion exchange method' and 'fractional crystallization method', there is a separation of the characteristics of high output and low cost. After scientific research member of xu guangxian finally developed a rare earth extraction method suitable for China's national conditions. It solved the extraction of rare earth extraction, but due to the lack of the protection of rare earth resources consciousness, marketization of rare earth business leads to a large number of rare earth for sale, further aggravated the chaos in the rare earth industry. Xu guangxian academician once sad of say: 'very precious rare earth resources, especially the south five provinces, are very valuable application of rare earth industrial reserves of 1. 5 million tons, has now produced 900000 tons, only 600000 tons, if not protected, according to today's mining speed, 10 years exploration over! Then we need to purchase from the United States and Japan, they may be more than one hundred times, and thousands of times the price to sell to us. 'The strategic resources of rare earth so we sold cheaply in a historical period that is distressing. But we re strategic reserve since 2011, and began to hit the rare earths private dig to combat, through consolidation of rare earth industry chain, firmly grasp the rare earth resources in our own hands. And we finally completely mastered, rare earth filtering, extracting technology. We finally mastered the rare earth extraction technology, and through consolidation treatment, we also made some quota rights and pricing power. So now some people are still trying to let's give it a supply of cheap rare earths is wishful thinking, we also actively looking for rare earths, in a foreign country to the United States in 2017, mountain pass mine acquisition, it is a good beginning. There's a lack of rare earth rare earth is not rare, rare earth application technology. So to defend everybody is responsible for rare earth, rare earth resources firmly can no longer for sale, energy security is also one of the important lifeblood of the national security. The recent rare earths popular articles; China's rare earth one-day surge 135% the nearly four years high joint-venture with Australia will outside China's largest rare earth project
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