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rare earth, telecom stocks lift up china markets after xi, huawei boost

by:Newland     2019-10-22
China\'s stock market climbed on Tuesday, with rare earth and telecom shares leading after optimistic comments from President Xi Jinping\'s visit to the company and Huawei Technology founder Ren Zhengfei.
The Shanghai Composite Index rose 1.
2905. 97.
Shenzhen Component Index climbed 1.
The GEM index rose by 1 percentage point. 7 per cent.
The number of certificates in large companies rose by 300. 4 per cent.
Hong Kong\'s Hang Seng index fell 0.
5 to 27,657. 24.
Companies that produce magnetic materials from rare earth elements have grown significantly in China, expanding gains on Monday.
After Xi Jinping\'s rare visit to jlmag, the key industry has become the focus --
Earth, a producer in southeast Jiangxi province, Monday.
There is speculation that China may consider cutting rare earth exports to the United States as a way to retaliate in a trade war, although foreign ministry spokesman Lu Kang asked the public not to \"think too much \".
Narrator: from the iphone to the missile, is China\'s dominance in the rare earth sector potentially influential in the trade war? “China’s A-
Development momentum of stock market
Market-driven, after all.
As long as there is something that sounds a little good, people will speculate on stocks, \"said Kevin Leung, executive director of Haitong International Securities investment strategy.
While many experts question the possibility that China holds rare earth resources as a potential lever for a trade war, investors are soon starting to focus on rare earth-related stocks.
Instrument tracking 38 rare earth
Shares in mainland China rose 7 percentage points, 15 of which rose 10. Earth. Rare-
After Xi Jinping\'s visit, China\'s earth stocks soared, highlighting the U. S. Dependence on key elements of high technology
High-tech products that produce and sell rare earth oxides in Hong Kong, China have achieved eye-popping success
Down 108 year-on-year, the largest single-day increase.
Global star Holdings Co. , Ltd. , a rare-
The Earth\'s magnetic materials have also increased significantly.
Telecom stocks, including Huawei equipment suppliers, are also very advanced in China, after the founder of telecom giant Ren Zhengfei expressed confidence in Huawei under the pressure of escalating in the United States.
Ren Zhengfei, founder of Huawei, said the conflict with the United States is a \"inevitable\" indicator to track 64 companies related to Huawei. 8 per cent.
ArcherMind Technology, a software developer, has long been
The long-term partnership with Huawei is limited by 10 cents a day.
DBG Technology Co, Huawei\'s e-manufacturer service provider, climbed 7. 6 per cent.
At a press conference with Chinese media, Mr Ren said he had foreseen the US government\'s targeting of Huawei.
\"We sacrificed ourselves and our families because we had the dream of standing on top of the world.
\"For the sake of this dream, sooner or later we will have a conflict with the United States,\" Chinese media quoted him as saying . \".
Ren said he believes the U. S. Government crackdown could be completed in two years at the beginning of this year, and Huawei has enough time to prepare.
But he said his daughter, Meng Wanzhou, was arrested in Canada, making him realize that the conflict could come early.
ZTE, Huawei\'s domestic rival, also rose 4.
In Shenzhen, a media report quoted its company officials as saying that China would start commercial 5g nationwide in October 1.
China Daily reported last week that Gao Wenhao, senior manager of ZTE, will deploy 30,000 to 50,000 base stations in about 40 cities at a meeting in Hong Kong.
It is reported that the launch of the 5g commercial use was to celebrate the 70 th anniversary of the founding of the People\'s Republic of China.
ZTE said in a social media post on its official Weibo account on Tuesday that the company had not made such comments and had misunderstood communication.
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