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Radiation of sintered ndfeb magnetic ring size tolerance USES | | application advantage _ ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers

by:Newland     2020-03-31
Radiation of sintered ndfeb magnetic ring size tolerance | | application USES advantages of sintered ndfeb radiation ( Multipolar) The circular is the development of new products in recent years. As the technology matures, price and performance also will continue to satisfy most application fields, sintered ndfeb multi-polar magnetic ring magnetic curve chart shows the distribution of the sine wave form characteristics, as a result of the tile type magnet machining belongs to the opposite sex, on the machining accuracy of Angle, both inside and outside surface of the limit, so that the dynamic balance of joining together the circular, formed between the poles of transition region is bigger, the motor noise and vibration. After installation of magnetization, the rotor has more artificial buffing, and greatly increased the labor, significantly increase the cost of installation. Because it is the overall magnetic ring, can keep the consistency of size after processing, can effectively reduce the noise and vibration of motor, improve the stability of the machine. Because in the inside and outside the circular surface can be the magnetization, the magnetization according to certain Angle and multipole radiation and the transition zone between magnetic pole is small, the performance of the motor can be improved significantly. So, in the full automation, melt high-accuracily control device USES the magnetic ring of permanent magnet motor. As in the nc machine tools, aviation, aerospace, military industry advanced weapons, robots, refrigerator, air conditioner, etc. Ultra high surface magnetic field can greatly improve the efficiency of the motor, on the premise of not reduce efficiency, can make the motor to achieve further lightweight, miniaturization and efficiency. The magnetization is radiation circular profile: radiation circle or round barrel a special magnetic pole distribution of ndfeb magnet. Is to point to in the direction of the radius of circle or yuantong magnet outer surface is N/S, and on the inner surface of the radius direction is S/N. Mainly use used in dc motor, improve the performance and efficiency of the motor, is the future development trend of the electrical magnetic steel; Multipolar oblique magnetization ring can also be used for the non-contact drive. Radiation ring advantages: 1. Simple 2 assembly. Mechanical precision is higher. 3. 4 magnetic circuit stability. To reduce the air resistance of the motor, improve the efficiency of the motor radiation of sintered ndfeb magnetic ring size range is introduced: there are few common can produce 2300 mm diameter, the thickness of more than 5 mm, height is not more than 50 mm radial magnetizing radiation ( Multistage) The circular, but in general is given priority to with less than 60 mm, because of the high cost, the customer can't accept. Sintered ndfeb radiation circular and tolerance range is introduced; Outside diameter tolerance: conventional tolerance & plusmn; 0. 05, minimum & plusmn; 0. 03. Inside diameter tolerance: conventional tolerance & plusmn; 0. 05, minimum & plusmn; 0. 04. Highly tolerance: conventional tolerance & plusmn; 0. 1, minimum & plusmn; 0. 06; Concentricity: regular & le; 0. 1、乐; 0. 05. Face runout: outer diameter of 30 mm & le; 0. 1 mm, outside diameter, every 10 mm increase face runout add 0. 1毫米; Sintered ndfeb radiation ( Multipolar) The circular application field; Mainly used in electrical, computer, robot navigation, household appliances, bearings, medical treatment, magnetic levitation, magnetic drive, magnetic, numerical control machine tool, super capacitors and other fields. That is about the radiation of sintered ndfeb magnetic ring size tolerance, application purpose, advantage is introduced, such as network as a whole by the ndfeb strong magnet manufacturer editor.
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