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Radiation of sintered ndfeb magnetic ring ( Advantage of size range application domain) introduce

by:Newland     2020-04-15
With the development of artificial intelligence, automation, use more and more fine control of the mechanical and electrical products, miniaturization, an efficient is a trend of motor, radiation of sintered ndfeb magnetic ring is a key material of choice for making small high-energy motor, is developing rapidly in recent years, is the new direction of development of sintered ndfeb permanent magnet materials. But the process is complicated, the current price is higher, the current main application in high performance permanent magnet motor and sensors, with high precision, stable operation and low noise advantages, is the first selection of high speed, high precision control of motor. As the technology matures, price and performance also will continue to satisfy most application fields, sintered ndfeb multi-polar magnetic ring magnetic curve chart shows the distribution of the sine wave form characteristics of the surface of high magnetic field can greatly improve the efficiency of the motor, on the premise of not reduce efficiency, can make the motor to achieve further lightweight, miniaturization and efficiency. Sintered ndfeb multistage radiation circular and overcome the splicing circular and magnetic loss, the shortcomings of difficult to assemble, can replace the traditional block, and the machining accuracy is higher. Radiation of sintered ndfeb magnetic ring size range is introduced; There are a few magnet manufacturer can produce 2300 mm diameter, the thickness of more than 5 mm, height is not more than 50 mm radial magnetizing radiation ( Multistage) Magnetic ring, but in general is given priority to with less than 60 mm, after all, the cost is too high, many customers can accept. Sintered ndfeb radiation circular and tolerance range is introduced; Outside diameter tolerance: conventional tolerance of + 0. 05, minimum + 0. 03. Inside diameter tolerance: conventional tolerance of + 0. 05, minimum + 0. 04. Highly tolerance: conventional tolerance of + 0. 1, minimum + 0. 06; Concentricity: regular 0 or less. 1,≤0. 05. Face runout: 30 mm outside diameter of less than 0 or less. 1 mm, outside diameter, every 10 mm increase face runout add 0. 1毫米; Sintered ndfeb radiation ( Multipolar) The circular application field; Mainly used in electrical, computer, robot navigation, household appliances, bearings, medical treatment, magnetic levitation, magnetic drive, magnetic, numerical control machine tool, super capacitors and other fields. Above is about the advantages of radiation of sintered ndfeb magnetic ring, size range, the tolerance range and application field is introduced, and organization of data in network synthesis. Related ndfeb radiation ring articles; Sintered ndfeb radiation ring ( Advantages of magnetization curve surface)
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