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Radial ring of sintered ndfeb magnet, the trend of the development of new energy automobile micromotor rotor magnets

by:Newland     2020-04-13
Motor driven by powerful permanent magnets, is the most widely used sintering neodymium magnets. At present, the radial ( Multipolar sintered ndfeb) Magnet has replaced the traditional assembly or arc magnet, become one of the main magnet micromotor. The radial ( Multipolar sintered ndfeb) Copper is a kind of mature products, can significantly improve the output characteristic of the motor, reduce the wastage of the motor. They are made of new technology - — Made of hot pressing mechanism. Hot-pressing production process including milling, hot pressing and thermal deformation. Compared with the general sintering material, do not need magnetic field orientation of molding and sintering. This is because it's radial orientation is formed in the process of material thermal deformation, its internal structure is the nanometer crystal structure. They can be magnetized into a multipolar teal, deflection and radial unipolar ( The monopolar magnet is refers to the magnet only a pair of poles) 。 What is the advantage of radial ring magnet? 1, to reduce the large assembly costs 2, 3 high dimensional accuracy, decrease the air gap in order to improve the power density of machine 4, to reduce the cogging torque of pole number and Angle of 5, flux waveforms can be controlled by the rectangle to sine. 6, excellent temperature stability, corrosion resistance and time stability of 7, to reduce the motor noise multi-polar ring of sintered ndfeb magnet four advantages 1, day 2 high flux density and realize the efficient utilization of rare earth permanent magnet rotor shaft 3, nonmagnetic materials can reduce the motor weight without reducing magnet performance 4, make the motor design a smaller, lighter what motor can use radial ( Multipolar sintered ndfeb) Magnet? Such as power tools, synchronous motor, stepper motor, brushless dc motor, motor, spindle motor, steering control, etc. The radial ring magnet size range? D16 D12 x H < 15 the D70 xd x h, wall thickness: 2 - 7 mm, height & lt; Level of 50 magnet: N35 - N42 N35H - N42H N35SH - N42SH N33UH - N35UH magnet magnet Angle: the smaller the Angle of 45 ° or less, the more likely it is to production; 45 ° direction of the magnet is mainly used for drive system; The magnet motor USES about 10 °. The radial ring magnets will be the future development trend of the motor magnets. Even if proven technology, however, it cannot replace traditional arc or bread motor magnets, why? 1, radial magnets are expensive, because the tools and coil fee are required in most cases. 2, under 20 mm outside diameter bonded magnet has more comprehensive advantage. 3, due to the size limit, some large diameter magnets can only be done by piecewise magnet. 4, if the magnet polarity is too much, the radial ring is a good solution. Five, if is quadrupole magnets, had better arc magnet assembly into a ring. In this paper, data from the network, the magnet supplier Ricky xiaofu card sorting. Associated with this article article xiaofu recommended; Sintered ndfeb radiation ring ( Advantages of magnetization curve surface)
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