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Radial 2 gay ferrite beads is introduced

by:Newland     2020-04-15
Card Ricky supply all kinds of ferrite magnet manufacturer in dongguan gay circle, gay ferrite wafer, heterosexual ferrite, radial 2 gay ferrite beads, continues the high quality, high performance products can open mold custom, welcomed the cooperation. Below 2 very gay ferrite beads this product table for radial magnetic about 700 gauss, apply to the dishwasher, instrument, motor and sensor. Want to other specifications can be customized according to the requirement. The plans for the magnetization homework is installed. The thickness of the ferrite magnets in the thinnest 1. More than 5 mm, the conventional specifications below 30 mm in diameter, a few have a diameter of 35, 40, 50, 60, 70, 100 mm, but the specification is not complete, such as the need of big norms product please call or online advice. If you are interested in the above products welcome contact! For ferrite homosexual and heterosexual unclear recommend reading the gay ferrite with the difference between heterosexual ferrite articles from Ricky new site, click on the to: http://www. krqcitie。 com/news/hyxw/397。 html
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