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Quickly identify the magnet poles _ ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers

by:Newland     2020-03-28
Magnetic nature, each magnet poles. Magnet poles of a magnet magnetic most centralized place. A magnet after disconnection, divided into two pieces of magnet. That still can have two magnets at the poles. Even if a magnet is divided into many small magnets, it still has the poles. Magnet poles are divided into the arctic and Antarctic Antarctic for English letters S pole, the arctic as a N pole. Identification of magnet poles, choose 1 has good mark pole of the magnet with N pole side, no magnet to another side of attracting, attract each other is the S pole, vice is N pole. 2, with professional instrument gauss meter to test the magnet, the gauss meter displays N pole and S pole. 3, choose the products of our company has been playing tag, we have you points for N pole and S pole. The above three is the most simple and quick method. 4, the magnet ( We are talking about the square magnet) Stop, after hanging up, turning the magnet pointing in the direction of south of Antarctica, the arctic pointed towards the north. 5, use the compass to pick, don't stand too close to the magnet. The compass will waste. Round the twist of the magnet, pointer will be strict to the magnet, at that time, it can judge the poles. Smoking a pointer to the south is the N pole, the north is S.
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