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Put the role of magnetic steel and choose the motor

by:Newland     2020-04-15
Motor magnetic steel is mainly used in all kinds of electrical products, such as small make up met on the generator of today, of course, there are many kinds of motor, like garage door, electric motor, servo motor and so on, all in all, too much too much. Then the motor magnetic steel has what effect? Why must use magnetic steel? In electrical, magnetic steel as part of the magnetic circuit, by the controller supplies power to the coil, frequency magnetic field drive motor running. What kind of magnetic steel is better in the motor? As for the small make up the current master of knowledge, no what is the best? Using ndfeb magnets, ferrite magnets, specific see the usage of the customer, need to achieve what effect and accept the price of the cost. Ndfeb magnetic tile: ndfeb magnetic force strong, small size, light weight, than ferrite magnetic force is strong, but the heat resistance is limited, can only around 180 degrees. Than ferrite magnets, magnetic ndfeb, but the heat resistance is much more stronger than the summary. Articles by Carrie small qibo share, the company mainly produces custom make all kinds of motor with ndfeb magnets, ferrite magnetic tile, hall sensor magnetic ring, high strength magnets, magnetic, magnetic chuck components such as injection molding. Related motor magnets article: motor magnets off the installation method of collection techniques how to avoid damage to the permanent magnet motor magnetic steel?
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