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Purchase of ndfeb magnet FAQ

by:Newland     2020-05-05
Q: can the ndfeb magnet magnetic can last long? A: ndfeb magnets have quite high coercive force, natural environment and the condition of magnetic field will not appear demagnetization and magnetic changes. Appropriate assumptions environment, even after a long time use, magnets, magnetic loss is not much. So in practice, we often ignore the time factor on the influence of the magnetic. Q: ndfeb magnet perpendicularity, parallelism and roundness is respectively? A: such as D10 - circular magnet diameter Verticality D30mm range: 0. 15 mm parallel: 0. 10 mm roundness: 0. D30-15 mm diameter Verticality D60mm range: 0. 20 mm parallel: 0. 15 mm roundness: 0. More than 20 mm is general standard. Q: what are the factors affect the price of ndfeb magnet? Answer: 1) Material cost: the higher the performance requirements, the higher the cost, such as ndfeb magnet. 2) Processing cost: the more complex shape, the higher the processing cost; Tolerance is strict, the higher the processing cost; Volume is smaller, the higher the processing cost. Q: what kind of ndfeb magnet has the highest surface magnetic field intensity? Answer: the same shape, same size magnets sort of surface magnetic field intensity from high to low in turn is ndfeb>> samarium cobalt, aluminum nickel and cobalt ferrite>> rubber magnet. Example: cylindrical D10x5mm ndfeb: 4200 gauss samarium cobalt: 3300 gauss ferrite: more than 1200 high, magnetic data table is for reference only. Q: what is ndfeb magnet magnetic parameters? They represent what meaning? A: there are three main parameters: 1) Remanence Br ( ResidualInduction) , unit: gaussian Gauss, namely from the saturated state down in addition to the magnetic field, the rest of the magnetic flux density, foreign can offer represents the magnet magnetic field strength; 2) Coercive force Hc ( CoerciveForce) , unit: oster Oersteds that put the magnets in a reverse adscititious magnetic field, when applied magnetic field increases to a certain intensity magnet magnetic disappears, the resistance and the ability of the magnetic field is called the coercive force, represents the magnet demagnetization resistance; 3) Gauss - magnetic energy product BHmax, units Oersteds, namely material produced by the magnetic energy per unit volume, is how much a magnet can store energy in quantity. Q: the higher the magnetic table represents the stronger the magnet performance? Answer: this question explanation in two different conditions: 1) Same shape, size and the same 2 magnets, magnetic high table with a strong magnet magnetic. 2) Different shapes, or 2 magnets of different size, can't simply to magnetic discretion to determine the magnet magnetic high and low. Reason is the high magnetic table with magnet diameter ratio ( The ratio of the height and diameter of the magnet) , the higher the greater the ratio of height to diameter table magnetic, surface (straight in the direction of magnetization, the greater the magnetic table is lower; The higher the magnetization direction of the size, the greater the table magnetic. Example: ndfeb cylindrical D8x50mm, magnetic table: 4600 gauss, ndfeb cylindrical D50x10mm, table magnetic: 3300 gauss, obviously D50x10mm better than D8x50mm magnetic field. Q: use at high temperatures, should choose what kind of magnet, please? Answer: the highest working temperature is roughly as follows: each magnet aluminum nickel and cobalt, 500°C)> Samarium cobalt ( 300°(C)> Ferrite ( 200°(C)> Ndfeb ( 80°(C) Ndfeb according to different performance, at present developed EH magnet up to 200 ° C, but according to the specific shape and size of the magnet. Q: the Curie temperature is the highest working temperature of magnet? A: no. Each magnet Curie temperature and the highest working temperature is different, the Curie temperature, magnet magnetic will disappear completely. Each magnet has the highest working temperature, more than the temperature magnetic will fell sharply, and even if returned to room temperature, magnetic cannot recover. Q: the magnet can be used in the water? Answer: according to different material, not each magnet can be used in the water. Samarium cobalt and ferrite can be normal use in the water, ndfeb and alnico are not to be used in the water. Q: is how to determine the adsorption force? Answer: the adsorption capacity is according to the following method to determine the: one side of the magnet adsorption on a piece of iron plate, on the other side with glue and cable machine a 5 mm thick piece of iron stick together, when the separation of magnets and iron moments of tension is the adsorption force of the magnet.
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