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Profiled magnets which more cost-effective small batch order and mass production?

by:Newland     2020-04-13
Many manufacturers for abnormity was demand powerful magnets, always don't know how to buy. Is a professional set to do some small batch and mass production of stroke? To listen to me slowly. Take the magnet industry well-known dongguan Ricky magnet card factory to go ahead. Company was founded in 1998, up to now whether workers technical experience accumulated for many years, or modern intelligent machines, professional in this industry is second to none. Small batch order: suitable for all kinds of special products, such as some customers demand by the magnet size is not regular, some small points, some bigger size and so on special. Or the surface electroplating demand higher general like pie gonadorelin, black nickel, epoxy will affect the product shape orientation. Performance is also changing the number of long, like ferrite and ndfeb, from N35 ~ N52, or Y30 and other material emerge in endlessly. Suitable for all kinds of high strength and high requirement of magnet production, makes the product are special in aspects of performance. The same is true on tolerance, will have to have a small requirement. General small batch order, better fewer but better. So the choice must choose to have a professional strong magnet manufacturers. Like Ricky magnet factory for many years engaged in heterosexual magnetic card order, all kinds of magnets are all can grasp, to avoid all kinds of professional led to the product. Mass production: the conventional magnet products. In some unified general industry, because of its machine model defined by the magnets are needed for conventional magnets, and the daily sex is more urgent. In order to cooperate with each big factory production product cycle, so the number of quality assurance at the same time also can not less. And the continuous decrease of delivery, is bound to affect the product's tolerance. At this point generally choose large manufacturers, such as Ricky magnet card factory large manufacturer is the best choice. Not only on the delivery date can cooperate factory production cycle, years of return can completely control the tolerance. So little small batch build on price on the high side, because of the high demand for its products, in the determination of true because to do so just made, and mass production is low in price, in the same way the number is the most main, the effect of meager profit but high turnover is the same reason. Ricky has been adhering to the reasonable price in either card service customers. 0769 - welcome to inquire 23388351 - 8016 profiled magnets related articles: 1, special-shaped magnet mainly use in where? 2, special-shaped magnet production processing way? What are those? 3, what kind of common abnormity ndfeb magnets are there?
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