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Problem of ndfeb magnetic material industry in our country and analysis

by:Newland     2020-05-05
( 1) Backward ndfeb magnetic material of the standard system revision of the standard system revision behind seriously restrict the development of ndfeb magnetic material industry in China. Cause our country standard in the field of ndfeb magnetic material backwardness and revising the most main reason is that the domestic field of ndfeb magnetic material industry in China started late, slow development, has not yet formed a complete industrial structure. ( 2) Lack of ndfeb magnetic material inspection standards from the point of statistics, the current product testing standards are scarce. The lack of testing standards of relevant institutions in different criteria are used when testing, the results chaos, is not conducive to the overall development of the industry. ( 3) Ndfeb magnetic material standard autonomy is not strong at present, China is already a veritable magnetic materials product producer, is also the world's leading manufacturers of magnetic material base, magnetic materials exports nearly half of the total production, in the industry leading enterprises, not only in the aspect of production in the world, and in the production of high-end products research and development has gradually reached the world advanced level. But overall the products in our country is still in low-end products, most of the main thought of foreign enterprise production of raw materials and the standard system revision is conditioned by abroad. ( 4) Has a big gap compared with foreign ndfeb magnetic material in the standard number and proportion of developed countries, there is a big gap in our country, the field of magnetic materials and its products, over the years, Western Europe is given priority to with Britain, France, Germany, the United States, has been to a lot of time and energy on international and regional standardization activities, attempts to control the international standards of technical power for a long time, and spare no effort to turn national standard to international standard. So the magnetic material adopts European standard and the ieC ( The international electrotechnical commission) Standard ratio is larger, and the magnetic material standards in China has a big gap compared with that of magnetic materials industry in China to participate in international trade.
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