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probing chemical signatures in an earthy way

by:Newland     2019-09-10
Expensive magnets are at the heart of an MRI. NMR)
Technology, one of the main methods for chemical determination of molecular structure and composition.
Now, scientists in Germany have performed MRI analysis using the largest and cheapest magnetsEarth.
This technology may lead to low
Stephan Appelt of the giulixico center said that the cost is high, portable MRI scanners are useful for many industries, including oil exploration, food processing and drug manufacturing, and he is working with colleagues to develop this
Because many nuclei behave like small stick magnets.
Scientists first place their samples in a uniform magnetic field that places the so-
Called the spin of the nucleus
Then, the material is vibrated with a radio wave pulse.
These bursts cause the spin to swing, causing the nucleus to send its own radio signal.
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