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Preparation of square powerful magnets have what advantage?

by:Newland     2020-04-28
Physical properties (ndfeb magnet N35) Physics character remanence coercivity intrinsic coercive force maximum magnetic energy product Br ( KGs) Hcb( KOe) Hcj( KOe) ( BH) max( MGOe) 11. 8 to 12. 5 ≥ 10. 8 ≥ 12. Preparation of 0 33 to 37 square powerful magnets have what advantage? ( 1) Due to the square strong magnet its molding process is relatively simple, and thus easier for mass production. ( 2) Its product is made up of a mould pressure, not magnet as produced by powder metallurgy sintering process, not by the larger shrinkage, the dimension precision of products is relatively high. ( 3) Its products by rapid quenching powder compacting and become, can according to the shape of the mould from change. ( 4) Square powerful magnet products can renewable use, because the product is composed of powder compacting, is no longer needed, if the strong magnet magnet can be compressed into broken into powder and then need to shape. ( 5) Products not after sintering, no shrinkage, so the weight is lighter. Bonded ndfeb permanent magnet material is due to have the advantage of the application of production to expand quickly. High heat if a powerful magnet bar or acicular and hung up, naturally the Antarctic and arctic to the earth. The magnet is divided into large magnets and small magnets. Magnet is a widely use, the use of electromagnet, made of steel crane. Magnet, powerful magnets, special-shaped magnets, magnet manufacturer,
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