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Powerful permanent magnets can bear high temperature? 「」

by:Newland     2020-05-01
Strong permanent magnets relative to before, in both the production techniques and production mode or in rare earth extraction ways made a revolutionary breakthrough. But with strong permanent magnets has been widespread application, some businesses have also begun to hide cheating of unfair competition, used the customer should know, strong permanent magnets have multiple brand performance, simple say there is a variety of different materials, different material price is also different. Aiming at the current market, different price, the quality of raw materials has been falsified, the so-called lower performance of materials, such as N30, N28 recycle material, even the N25. Although the material price is very low, but the magnetic impurities and very unstable, many merchants shoddy, pretend to be high performance materials with such cheap material, vicious competition in terms of price, cause a lot of customers are affected. Ordinary strong permanent magnet material only to 80 degrees, also has a special high performance heat-resistant materials can reach 230 degrees. But strictly speaking, it is necessary to reach more than 230 degrees heat resistance of the manufacturers recommend into samarium cobalt magnet, samarium drill heat resistance can reach 350 degrees. Although say ordinary ndfeb material can reach 80 degrees, but at most to reach more than 70 degrees, because when the temperature is close to 80 degrees or so, will start to appear demagnetization phenomenon.
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