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Powerful magnets with normal magnet and introduced respectively

by:Newland     2020-04-20
For the magnet you must be very familiar with, but referred to the powerful magnets, real to know how many people? And in this article, this article mainly tells the powerful magnets with ordinary magnet, what kind of difference between hope is engaged in the powerful magnet friends after watching the articles can be. Whether it is a powerful magnet or ordinary magnet polarity is not change, but we can change the same magnets by technical means filling out a number of extremely, the premise is even, that is a magnet can have several N pole and a corresponding S pole. Magnetic will be weakened by the influence of the external environment, such as temperature changes, the interference of other magnetic or electric fields, etc. Magnets of different materials, different degree of fade. To make the magnetic magnet magnetic again and subsided magnetization will only use the magnet magnetized method again. Metal magnet, also is what we call a powerful magnet, better than the average magnetic ferrite magnet, because after the magnet with magnetic metal surface magnetic field intensity bigger, it is determined the physical properties of different magnetic materials. Powerful magnets have extremely extensive application in our daily life. Strong magnet is magnetic current ( The electric magnetic) An application, closely linked with the life, such as electromagnetic relays, electromagnetic crane, maglev trains and so on. Powerful magnets can be divided into dc electromagnetic strength magnets and ac electromagnetic magnet two types. Powerful magnet mainly by Fe2O3 ( Iron oxide) BaCo3( Barium carbonate) Or SrCo3 ( Strontium carbonate) Metal powder forming, magnet refers to the object or material, can produce magnetic field can be divided into & other traditionally Permanent magnet & throughout; With & other; The permanent magnet & throughout; 。 Permanent magnet can be a natural product, also called lodestone, can also be made by artificial ( The most powerful magnet is neodymium magnets) 。
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