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Powerful magnets used techniques and methods _ ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers

by:Newland     2020-04-01
Powerful magnets used techniques and methods magnet use techniques and methods, the following is a powerful magnet technique and method of use: 1. Powerful magnet material brittle, especially ndfeb strong magnet ( It is also called the powerful magnets) Be careful when using, to avoid a collision, if fell to the ground is easy to break, or broken Angle. 2. Powerful magnets to avoid when using direct push aside, if not careful A steak. It is easy to clamp hand B. Easily broken, we will try to build open, use parallel push to open, large size magnet magnet manufacturer supplier use as far as possible environmental protection paper pad is separated, so as not to use again when hou, and cuts. 3. Powerful magnet after use, if it is A bar magnet, must be placed in pairs, and the N pole of A magnet and magnet B S extremely tight, in case of excitation-loss.
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