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Powerful magnets can according to your size?

by:Newland     2020-04-08
Powerful magnets can be customized according to requirements of the design? The answer is yes, ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers are to be carried out according to the customer request to production, belong to the non-standard parts, of course, some the size of the customer order rate is relatively high some, also is what we call in regular size. From the size of the above, in addition to some processing difficulty is very big and powerful magnet material properties of brittle conflict size will not be able to process, as some of the other convex strong magnet, size head strong magnets, magnet sink hole, trapezoidal strong magnetic, ring magnets can be to carry on the processing production. Like other electroplating, tolerance requirements, packaging requirements, and so on can communicate confirmed according to actual condition, according to the supply and demand both sides confirmed good standard for production. A: magnet manufacturer declare ndfeb strong magnet next several coating methods: ndfeb magnetic ferrite and contrast
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